21st Apr 2005, 06:41

I think that its important to take into consideration a few things when looking at the '92 LeSabre. 1) It's a 13+ year-old car depending on when you bought it. 2) Where do you live? What are the conditions there, both on the road and the weather.

I live in New England, and I have no idea what the previous owners did to the car. I've had my '92 LeSabre for about 2 years now, and generally when people ask me how it is I say "It runs." My suspension took a beating this winter and I'm bringing it in to get a fun popping in the front passenger's side checked out this weekend. Since I've had the car, I've had to replace the alternator, water pump (the pulley blew off and then my serpentine belt was destroyed), front pads (maintenance) and rotors, and the rear right break cylinder. It leaks a small amount of oil (nothing substantial), tranny fluid, and power steering fluid.

Being that I'm 24 years old, this is the best of the three cars I've had. Previously, I owned a 1988 Ford Taurus 2.5-4 cylinder (which was a joke) and a 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix that I had to slam the door shut to jolt the ignition to start the car. Good times. These aren't reflections on the manufacturers; these are the risks you take when you purchase a used car privately, especially an aged car.

I can guarantee that my next purchase will more likely than not be a certified pre-owned through a dealer. I do not know whether or not it will be a LeSabre, but I do not disenjoy the car. It isn't a bad ride and it certainly is a comfortable car for the passengers as well as the driver. Cargo space is fabulous.

7th May 2005, 19:12

Hi. I have a question about Buicks or cars in general: I'd just like to know if it's possible to disconnect or disengage the power steering: to drive the car without it?