22nd Dec 2006, 21:09

The reason you have to ride the brakes is that the 4 speed transmission in this car when driving in overdrive will keep you at 30-40 mph to save you from using the gas. you save gas with over drive and with this car in o/d you do not need to push the gas pedal down at that speed.

It also sounds to me like so many other people who bash buicks and american cars in general it was not maintained and even a new car will need to be maintained. sounds like you got it for free to me also.

2nd Mar 2007, 18:27

Truthfully, I think you or the previous owner of the car drove it like you or they stole it, and put a great deal of wear on it, but overall, these are pretty good little cars. The motor in mine runs like it did the day it was assembled.

30th Sep 2009, 01:10

Take it out of OD. Otherwise you'll be replacing a tranny. Planetary goes out. The only time OD should be used is above 55 mph and not climbing hills.

13th Jun 2010, 23:00

I also inherited a Buick that was only ever owned by my family. It still has low mileage.

It has been a wonderful car. The only things I've had to replace are the brakes and lines.

The fluid in the engine have been flushed twice.

The alternator, tires, battery, a coil pack - I think my brother just did it, and I'm going by memory of what I heard years ago.

I'm heartbroken that it is old and the insurance company want it off the road.

15th Jun 2010, 11:50

Good point. We sold a Buick LeSabre last year with 277,000 miles on it and never a repair. These cars generally will always outlast more poorly built and unsafe Japanese cars. Our Honda started having really major issues at 40,000 miles.