29th May 2005, 20:28

Three thousand for brakes??? You are getting ripped off BIG time.

I calculated a complete brake job for my 91 LeSabre would cost me 200.00 dollars. (CDN) that's EVERYTHING. The labour is done by me.

Take it to another shop. Complete brakes SHOULD NOT cost more than 800-1000 dollars. Less if it does not need new brake lines. If its just pads, rotors, drums, shoes. Then it absolutly should not cost more than 300-400 bucks.

As for the ABS fuse. It is hidden under the dash, and EASY to get at. Look at the headlight and dome light switches. Now, open the door, and look beside it. You should see 2 black screws. Turn them, and they will spring out. Now, just pry the cover off, and voila! The fuse panel! Easy?

13th Aug 2006, 20:05

Hello fellow buick owner (s), I think that the mechanic was including the "ABS Computer Module" in the cost. But still, I would get a second opinion. Never trust a mechanic that can't pinpoint the problem. Usually guys like that take you for a ride and are crooks. Good luck.

11th Aug 2011, 07:30

I just purchased a 1993 Buick LeSabre. And yes, the AC and the ABS were not working. Mind you, I found this out later,on my own. These two issues are so troublesome and costly to repair that most previous owners don't even bother to get into it.

I found an excellent tech to fix my AC, but that took him three hours. I also found a tech to replace my ABS pump, that I found at a junk yard, but he keeps blowing me off. I feel he has changed his mind about the whole insane transplant. In any case, it seems to be a very nice vehicle. But yes, the ABS pump with labor will run you at least $1000.00. And good luck with your AC, that's a can of worms for sure.

11th Aug 2011, 23:10

Repairing any A/C system on any older car is like opening a can of worms if all the parts are original. If one part fails, then you may as well replace everything else, because they won't last much longer after the one part has been replaced.