23rd Mar 2006, 14:48

It was a 3 year leased car before I bought it - I bought at the end of 02 - in December right before I had my twins, that is why I needed the bigger car.

The warranty was gone. They offered me to purchase one, but I chose not to. I tried to bring it back and was told "well I am sorry that this car isn't working out for you blah blah blah."

We bought it from a guy my husband's family knows, so we thought he would take care of the problem. By the time we were serious about returning it, it had been 6 months and we were told there is nothing we could do about it. It is in the shop today - broken windshield wipers are costing me another $246.43. This car is a big waste of time, money and energy.

24th Apr 2006, 06:10

I also have a 2000 Buick Le Sabre Unlimited. In the last year, I have replaced a rear window ($350+), had the brakes replaced ($500+), had that plastic cover over the manifold replaced due to warping ($300+don't really remember the price just know it is very costly),2 plugs popped ($500+), had to get that taken care of, those are the things that I can remember. The other rear window is still broke, the cruise control does not work anymore, while driving the car cuts out or down (I thought maybe I got some bad gas?) and driving last night my service engine light came on! What else can go wrong with this car???

9th May 2006, 04:44

Have a 2000 Le Sabre. The drivers seat had to be replaced under warranty $700. The transmission failed at 24,000 miles, but was slightly over the 36 months and I had to pay $1,200 in repairs. The drivers window regulator failed $400. Leaking intake manifold required replacement-warranty covered. Tie rod failed at 30,000 miles. Bad fuel pressure regulator $50 -covered. Maintenance on this vehicle is more than any vehicle I have ever had. Water leak around b pillar causes backseat on pass side to flood about 1 inch deep. Heated seats have now failed and I am not going to get them fixed. All other maintenance I consider normal (brakes, spark plug wires, wiper blades, etc.) Beautiful car- not to par with competition in quality. Car now has 50,000 miles and I am looking to replace it with Crown Victoria.

28th Jul 2006, 20:37

I have likewise had numerous problems with my Buick Le Sabre and will never buy this brand again. Get this list:

(4) count them all 4 window regulator failures at estimated $400 a piece. One I got Buick's help on, one is still broken. Two out of my pocket at $400 each + one at about $275. Total $1,000.

ABS signal on at roughly 50K and 80K, right and left respectfully. Bad sensor results in entire wheel hub module repair, list price $800 a piece. Friend in the GM repair industry got the price down to $400 a piece. Total $800.

Currently, my gas gauge does not work. Estimate is ~ $1,000 to pull the gas tank and replace the internal sensor. Total not going to fix ~ $1,000.

I too ran into the expensive battery replacement (vented), cost about $175. Total $175.

Break estimate prior to 50K, $800. Had someone do it on the side, instead. Have had breaks redone multiple times. $600, $300, $190. Total $1,090.

I think clutch is now bad, GM dealer says something to do with jerking at 40-50 mph (transmission or engine clutch don't know) could be $500. Total not going to fix, $500.

Coil replacement under 50K, $200. They now think I need other coil work. Total $200.

Spark plug wires all need replacement. Estimated cost $250. I will do myself for $75 in parts.

This car is 6 years old and 80K miles. This is close to $5,000 in repair costs.

14th Sep 2007, 13:28

2000 Buick Limited.

Heater in seat replaced once, needs to be replaced again.

Presently having a shimmy at speeds 35-45; entire car shakes, replaced axle shaft, both sides front, motor mount, flushed auto transmission and did 4 wheel alignment, at $867. Replaced and balanced all 4 tires $500, problem still there. Dealership has no idea what else to do. GM said turbo shaft seals on transmission may be leaking??? Another $900.

Since flush, a leak has developed. Please help if anyone has had this problem.

21st Sep 2007, 13:51

I own a 2000 buick lesabre limited. I am also a technician at my local GM dealership. These cars do have a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty. There are 2 safety recalls on this vehicle on specific VIN #'s. The internal coolant leak which is an intake job and the fuel pressure regulator. On my vehicle I had these done under warranty for no cost. My drivers window regulator broke, and purchased an aftermarket one for $100 and had a different shop install it for only 60 dollars. My drivers heated seat doesn't work anymore, but who really needs that convenience anyways? My cruise control quit working at 135,000 miles, and today I noticed my transmission mount is worn out. This is another $65 dollars my cost. Good car for gas mileage, sometimes a bad car for maintenance costs. I had to replace both inner tie rod ends and all four struts at 100,000 miles. The front wheel bearings have a little bit of play in them too. The 02' and 05' models are a lot better. GM has made improvements to the Buick Lesabre since the 2000 model.

13th Apr 2010, 15:34

My wife's 1998 LeSabre was a total pile of crap. I'm glad to hear a few people with positive comments, but I have to agree with all the negative ones. GM, never again!

5th May 2010, 13:23

I've owned a 2000 with 250KM on it for the last year, and I've only put brakes, oil change and spark plugs on it. The car runs extremely well and has been the most dependable throughout winter. No check engine lights or any other problems... actually everything still works perfectly on the car.

12th May 2010, 17:41

I have covered 35,000 km with mine, and it is getting up there. This can be a good, reliable vehicle. It has a huge trunk and gets better mileage than any other automatic-transmission car the same size or even smaller. A lot of the problems people have with this car come from lack of a second opinion, or lack of regular checks. Some of these cars are lemons, and are not worth keeping on the road. But not all GM cars, nor even all 2000 Buick LeSabres are bad cars. Personally, I think that they offer the best mix of space, comfort, and economy compared to other vehicles their size.

Full disclosure: I am not a GM employee or related to a GM employee. I am not a fan of everything GM has done, or even most things GM has done. I just like my LeSabre. Quite a bit.

4th Jun 2010, 17:44

My husband and I own a 2000 Buick LeSabre. We bought it from my Uncle (who was the original owner in 2000) in January of 2009. The only problem we had was our AC converter was nearly locked and it cost $800 to replace it. But we had driven from Phoenix to Northern California and the car is 10 years old, so it's understandable. My Uncle replaced the battery once, because it was a "faulty" battery, and the warranty covered that.

The only problems we have are just small little ticks... CD player doesn't consistently work, the passenger window sometimes doesn't come up (but we live in Phoenix so we often travel with the AC on), etc.

But other than that this car has great mileage, it is extremely comfortable, very "roomy", and it's been very reliable.

1st Jan 2011, 12:24

I had this car for less than 3 months and had to replace two window regulators. A tree fell on it and crushed it beyond repair, and the insurance is covering the cost of the car. I won't make the same mistake again and buy another Buick. After what I've heard about the plastic manifold problem, I think the tree has done me a favor.

20th Mar 2013, 11:57

The shimmy could be a bad wheel bearing or a control arm. We replaced the wheel bearings twice, but I think the reason they were going bad was because the control arm was bad. Wheel bearings were less than 100, and the control arm was 50 at a junk yard. Hope this helps.