2000 Buick LeSabre Limited from North America


This car is a maintenance nightmare!


Back passenger window cable broke.

Starter had to be replaced at 40,000.

Cruise Control went out at 50,000.

CD player stopped working at 50,000.

Rain Sensor broke at 30,000.

Cables to the spark plugs were wore out at 30,000.

Oil Leak at 30,000 - repair cost $1,300.

Drivers seat belt is jammed and will not lock in place.

Windshield wipers came on and will not shut off.

Check engine light came on at 28,000 miles, will not shut off.

Transmission is starting to go out 64,000.

General Comments:

This car has been a constant maintenance problem for me. I loved it for the first 1,000 miles and then the flood gates opened and all these mechanical problems started to happen. I have fixed several of them at a cost of over $2,000 to me, however many of them have not been fixed because I am not ready to pump more money into a failing vehicle. To fix everything it will cost me around $1500 and that estimate was before the seat belt, windshield wiper and transmission problems started. Classy car if only it was more reliable. I trusted the Buick name to produce a reliable car, but was proved wrong. Maybe this one was just a lemon, but by reading the other reviews I think they all have maintenance problems. One more thing, I had to have the battery replaced and it is located in a wierd place, under the backseat. Due to this the battery has to have special things on it so that it can "vent"- the cheapest battery I could find to fit it cost $130-- ouch. I will think twice the next time I see the Buick name, and if I do ever buy another I will get the extended warranty!!!

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2006

22nd Mar 2006, 12:51

I am confused as to why you had to pay for oil leaks when the car was under warranty. You state you bought the 2000 car in 2002 @ 27K miles and the oil problem happened 3,000 miles later. Aren't Buick warranties 3 years/36K miles?

22nd Mar 2006, 19:12

Don't they have the lemon buyback law?

2000 Buick LeSabre Limited from North America


Great Ride Maintenance Nightmare


3 window regulators, battery twice, cruise control button, head light button, hood paint peeling, brakes.

General Comments:

Have replaced three window regulators in first 2500 miles on the car at $400.00 each trip.

Cruise control button stuck and failed to operate in first year, took dealership three days to replace it.

I have replaced battery once in 25000 miles and the second is going dead and needing jumped after only seven months of service.

Paint on hood began to bubble and peel just after the warranty ran out on the car. Body shop said the hood looked like it had never been properly cleaned before it was painted the first time.

The car is in the service now. Headlight switch is stuck in the on position and dealership tells me the brake system needs drained, flushed and rotors turned. No new pads they say they are fine, but fluid is contaminated and rotors are warped. They want $1500.00 for this brake service. No guess yet what the headlight switch is going to cost, but it has to be fixed.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2006

1st Jul 2006, 01:45

Maintenance Nightmare??? if you want one of them I suggest a Chrysler/Dodge Intrepid, they will give you a good nightmare.

14th Sep 2006, 17:51

$1500 for rotors and a fluid flush??? I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you're getting boned. It's probably time to find a new mechanic.

27th Mar 2007, 21:03

Maybe the battery you bought is your problem...

2000 Buick LeSabre Custorm 6 cylinder from North America


Solidly made vehicle


I am sadly disappointed with this aspect of the 2000 Buick Le Sabre that I own. I had to replace the left driver side rear window motor/regulator assembly in June 2004 and am now faced with having to replace the right passenger side rear window as well. In addition, operation of the passenger side right front power window was somewhat sluggish or otherwise non-functioning. However, the window miraculously began to operate. This could be an indication that I will likely have to replace that window assembly soon. The first repair cost me $375.42.

General Comments:

Good riding car and easy on gas.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2006