2000 Buick LeSabre Custom V6 from North America


Love the car, but it's a lemon


Vehicle leaked when I first got the car. It took several days before they found out where it was leaking from. (drivers side left wheel well). Hood was loose and had to have stronger springs put on. Transmission went out at 20,000 miles and was repaired, I wanted a new one, but to no avail. Dealer didn't realign front end causing tires to wear. It is in the dealer now with window operator problems. This is the sixth new operator. Every one has been replaced and now two twice. I tried going for a buy back, but the car was a couple months past two years. GM has given me an extended warranty, but I am afraid to take the car on any long trips, never knowing if the transmission will fall apart again of if a window operator will go.

General Comments:

Car runs and handles beautifully, but with all the trouble I have had I am afraid of it.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2002

31st Dec 2004, 12:09

Almost everyone I know of has had window regulators replaced in their LeSabres. It is a GM defect and they should fix it. We are having the third regulator replaced. Both front units went out and now the left rear regulator is broken. They all need cable replaced, about one dollars worth, but you have to buy the whole unit for $288 plus installation. No more GM products for this family.

2000 Buick LeSabre Custom 3.8 from North America


Next time I'm getting a Nissan Maxima


Replaced all four power window regulators after they failed sequentially.

Replaced the front brakes 3 times so far (approx. every 15,000 miles).

Cruise control was defective.

Dashboard instrument cluster failed.

Factory left rear Firestone tire had tread separation.

Electrical system pulsates when cruising on the highway.

Misc. trim pieces failed.

Long waits and poor customer service from the dealership service center.

Shoddy sub-compact rental/loaner when the Buick was serviced overnight.

The same dealer that sold the car touting the Buick's ability to hold its value offered substantially below wholesale when the owner desired a trade up a few years later.

General Comments:

If you get this car, definitely get the extended warranty because you will need it.

Keep a close eye on front brake wear (12,000-15,000 mile range) because they wear fast.

MPG average was 20-21.

The Gran-Touring package is strongly recommended.

Great family car, comfortable on long trips, accommodates 6 occupants and has high safety ratings.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2001

4th Oct 2001, 11:12

I also think this is a false entry. My Lesabre has been trouble free the entire 8 years I have owned it. I would strongly recommend this car!

22nd Nov 2001, 17:56

Every car has a lemon. I suspect that the Buick in question was a Lemon.

27th Nov 2001, 17:57

I have had 3 LeSabre Limiteds and I would recommend this car to anybody.

I now have a 2002 Limited and it runs as good as any car I have ever had.

Handling and gas mileage are as good as it gets. Great car for the money.