1996 Buick Park Avenue Ultra Prestige Edition 3.8 SuperCharged V6 from North America


Great Luxury Car, powerful and elegant


I bought this car used, and I was aware of the things that needed to be done, so he lowered the price for me.

Passenger Door Lock broke (77 dollars)

Front Struts (1,350) - air suspension)

Tires (568 dollars)

They were the only things wrong with this car.

General Comments:

I had the Buick dealer check it over, and he agreed that this 96' ultra is in show room condition. Everything works well, and correct, it was never driven in winter weather, always garage kept. The interior had no blemishes or signs of use. The exterior was the same, and the engine was 100 % brand new looking. Everything was immediately fixed.

The ride of this car is a A+ it rides smooth, like on air, but not like a boat like Lincolns do. I have GranTouring so I can take corners with absolutely no problems. It corners sharp turns at 60 without a notice.

The engine is excellent, Dead stop acceleration smokes the tires. And I mean smokes, not only leaves a trail of rubber, but you actually smell and see the smoke. Assuming you have traction control "off".

Winter handling- amazing, with the traction contorl driving through snow is a blast. I don't slide, I don't spin, and the 4 wheel anti lock brakes are wonderful. I plow through a foot of snow easily.

Noise- I will say I think you can hear the engine a little too much in this car. Cadillac and Lincoln have much more silence to their ride. At full acceleration you can hear the supercharger wine pretty loud, but then again the g force it gives I don't care.

Gas mileage- You have to use premium, that I hate. But 21 city and 30 highway is excellent for a car its size. The power that beast of an engine has makes up for it.

REAR WINDOWS! This is something I absolutely hate. They roll down half way, and if they are the only windows down you get this horribly muffled helicopter sound. Its terrible and hurts your ears. Newer models they fixed this dilemma.

The sound system Is amazing. Crystal clear, LOUD sound. Pop in Enya or Celine Dion and you would think your right there in front of them. Concert Sound III is amazing!

Everything in this car is a A+, The ride, the power, gas, design. I say A+ because honestly it lacks in luxury, and so do the newest ones, no wonder Buick rid the Park Avenue. I like the overal design very much of mine and the newer models, But it is in need of some serious updates. Make room for the Buick Lucerne to take place of the Park Avenue! I'm leaving Buick and going Cadillac and S- Class this time. Buicks new car is nothing that stats elegant. Its small, and so far from the park avenue line its not funny. Bring on the new DTS to replace the Deville.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2005

17th Feb 2005, 07:39

This review is pretty hard to follow. The guy goes on and on about how great the car is, and then says he is going to leave Buick for Cadillac (like there is any huge difference there) in the last paragraph which is totally confusing.

Does he know that the Lucerne and the DTS will both use the same chassis?

14th Jun 2007, 15:13

The reviewer is leaving Buick because they don't like the styling of the current Buick flagship. I have to agree. I have a '99 Park Avenue and plan to replace it in the next year for one of the last '05's. The Lucerne is a complete disappointment. Every Buick buyer that I have talked to agrees with me about the looks of the Lucerne. With the dire straits that Buick is in right now I wouldn't think they would want to upset their very faithful buyer base. I'd be wrong. I really hope the next model will have traditional Buick styling. I've read there are plans to bring the Chinese Park Avenue to the U.S. next year, but I doubt that will be much of an improvement over the Lucerne.

18th Jan 2018, 08:49

Never drove your car in winter, but driving in the snow is a blast, eh?


19th Jan 2018, 00:19

The never driven in winter referred to prior to the reviewer's purchase.

A Buick Park Avenue cornering "sharp turns" at 60 mph is hardly believable, though.

1996 Buick Park Avenue from North America


Great family car


The CD player mechanism does not suck the CD in.

Head rest to far down.

General Comments:

With 250 horsepower it really does pin you to your seat.

Everything is automatic! I don't have to lock or unlock the doors.

So much space. It holds as much as a mini-van!

Great car, very reliable and handles so nice when turning.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2002