1st Aug 2017, 18:30

If the 12 disk changer does not work, it's quite easy to install an aftermarket stereo deck with modern features like USB and Bluetooth hands free calling. I've done that in pretty much every used car I've ever bought.

Congratulations on your Park Ave purchase by the way! I love these cars, excellent engine and amazing ride quality. Used to own an 89 Park Ave and 2001 Century before I bought my Z71 GMC truck.

2nd Aug 2017, 01:44

People still listen to CDs?

2nd Aug 2017, 08:26

Yes, some us are still driving 2013 models with factory CD systems. Imagine driving a 4 year old car anymore? I have both Sirius subscription and CD with Nav system. Sometimes my satellite system doesn't pick up real well on Pocono Mountains trips. It's a real hardship. Sometimes we even turn it all off and simply enjoy conversing as a family.

3rd Aug 2017, 12:19

Your belief that the availability of CD players as factory equipment means they are still relevant is quite interesting. You could still get cassette decks as a factory option as recently as 2011.

3rd Aug 2017, 17:31

So enjoy them. I have a few hundred CDs. Supposed to throw out? I listen to Sirius on subscription too. That in itself is fine with so many genres to pick. The best I can possibly say at this stage is you will get over it. True?

4th Aug 2017, 17:16

Uh, get over what? CDs? Haven't bought any since more than five years ago and don't ever expect to again.

This, eh, "discussion"? Well, you're the one with "a few hundred CDs". The fact that you felt compelled to point this out would seem to indicate that you need to "get over it" when someone dares to suggest that they are the past, not the future of audio entertainment. True?

4th Aug 2017, 23:42

Truly amazing that someone dwells, totally right into the ground, on what listening media one enjoys in their very own vehicle. Again, why do you care what we listen to? That's perplexing. And why does it matter so greatly to you. Hopefully you will get over this. Is your vehicle equally deserving with so many added posts and far more superior as well? It must be. Please share with us what year make and vehicle you drive. We already have a strong feeling that we already know. But please humor us. You have the floor.

5th Aug 2017, 12:18

This is rapidly going downhill. I think it's best if we can all accept that CDs are not the most modern music playback technology available, but they're still in common use. Those points are not mutually exclusive.

Steven Jackson, steven@carsurvey.org