21st Jul 2009, 15:03

SANTA CLAUS must be real! They actually do get 30mpg on highway trips. I gotten as high as 33mpg going 60mph but doing 70mph will get 30-31mpg. Doing 80-90mph gets you 25mpg. Real world experience. You can be in denial all you want but it's true.

21st Jul 2009, 17:55

I guess you think Santa Claus is real?? My '99 Park Avenue returned 29 mpg on a freeway trip, and that was actually checking mileage compared to gallons used not going by the onboard computer. That car had 145,000 miles on it too! Clearly you are not familiar with large Buicks or the 3.8 V6. It is very common for late model Park Avenues and LeSabres to get 30+ mpg on the freeway.

23rd Dec 2009, 02:09

I inherited a Park from my dad. Neither my brother or sister wanted the big American "gas guzzler". I took it gladly; I like most cars.

I drove it back from AZ to NY and averaged 29.3 mpg (70+mph). Later drove it NY to FL and got 28.8 loaded to the roof with stuff I was moving. And it was a comfortable car. My sister's Mazda barely did better and it was noisy, tinny and uncomfortable. My brother's Toyota was only slightly better. The 3.8-3800 series engines were lean running very reliable engines and the 4t60/e were good trannies. The only thing that screwed them up was the plastic intakes GM put in the 3800II.

I still enjoy the car.

23rd Dec 2009, 17:38

I purchased a 2005 Park Avenue last year with 17,000 miles. My parents purchased a brand new Mazda last year as well, and my car gets better mileage too. Now that their car is getting broken in, it is pretty close to the same mileage, but my car is a lot bigger and the comfort isn't even comparable. I also moved with my car, I tried to fit things in my parent's Mazda, it was pretty much useless. A small bedside table and clothes were about all it could handle. My Buick swallowed most of my belongings, preventing the need for U-haul or the like.