1995 Buick Park Avenue Ultra 3.8 Supercharged from North America


Nice car with some headaches


Several rear lights burnt out.

CD player stopped working after 2 weeks of purchase, radio still works.

The thermostat system broke and now only blows cold air out of the defroster all the time.

There seems to be an overall problem with the electrical system in the car; the right turn signal just stopped working.

General Comments:

I bought this car after driving my 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88 for 3 years. Car looks and runs nice, but it lacks pick up a bit for such a big engine. I'm not sure if the supercharger is working.

The seats are really comfortable and there are plenty extra bells and whistles that make it nice.

I don't feel I'm getting good gas mileage like I did with my Oldsmobiles 3.8 engine.

The car is awesome on the highways and handles nice around town. In retrospect I probably should have gotten something smaller and more practical, but I have soft spot for GM cars. Any advice on how to handle the electrical issues would be great.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2009

19th Jul 2009, 10:49

You can pick up a used cd player on eBay for under $100 dollars. This unit was used in most Buick models for several years so they are plentiful. You may even be able to install it yourself if you buy an unlocked unit. As for your mileage, you may need a tune-up, I have had two of the 2nd generation Park Avenues which are even heavier than your car and have averaged about 26-27 mpg with both of them (over 30 on the freeway). I think that is pretty good considering most small cars won't average much more than 30 and are far less comfortable or roomy.

1995 Buick Park Avenue 3.8 series II from North America


Super comfort


Plastic head cracked around 130000 miles; 750 dollar fix.

General Comments:

My 1995 Park Avenue starts and runs strong; no problems except the head cracking.

VERY comfortable dynaride suspension.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2008

2nd Jun 2015, 23:05

It's a plastic intake manifold, not a cylinder head. Cylinder heads have never been plastic and probably never will...

1995 Buick Park Avenue from North America


Well built, luxury ride, responsive to throttle (due to supercharger)


Leather seats will crack and split unless you stay on top of them with cleaner and conditioner.

The Park Ultra 3.8 is a strong, stiff engine, built up at the factory to withstand supercharging. Change oil at 2000 or less. Use the best oil you can buy and change the filter every time.

If you don't take decent care of this engine, you will find that the parts for it, due to their heavier duty rating, are quite expensive. Starters, water pumps, and on and on.

General Comments:

Have owned several Buick Parks. They DO have a conservative 'retiree' look about them. And I think that's a GOOD thing.

Unless you're doing something flagrant in traffic, police tend to find Park Avenues rather boring. Not worth much attention. If you like the clean, simple lines of the car, you'll find yourself invisible to police.

Also be aware that, due to that supercharger, a Park Ultra must have premium fuel. Start burning cheap gas in it...and you won't like the result.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2006

1995 Buick Park Avenue from North America


This car is a dream


Coolant temp sensor broke and fell out of the radiator

$40 dollars for sensor, $7 for coolant,

Panic: priceless.

Spark plugs and wires

$30 dollars.

Air filter

$10 dollars.

Fuel filter

$7 dollars.

Thermostat (unnecessary, but might benifit in the future)

$8 dollars and a headache.

General Comments:

Hello, I’m 18 (baby Buick owner) and I have a 1995 Buick Park Avenue. I don’t see many reviews on 95's, was that a bad year?

While many think it looks like an old folks car I don’t think so. This is the best car I ever had (only the second car, the first one (mothers old car) was a Dodge Neon and was totaled by a mustang, thank you mustang driver) and I knew it would be a good car when I got it.

I did my research on cars while looking for a new one and ran across this sight and read all the good reviews for Buicks and the bulletproof 3.8 engine. I don’t know if mine is bulletproof because it has the plastic intake, hopefully it doesn’t go bad.

I was really looking for a cheap reliable car, maybe a early to mid 90's Oldsmobile or Buick. I wanted a reliable affordable car since I was starting college, not a race car or an underpowered car, (surprising for an 18 year old) but something that was decent.

When I went to the dealership were I got my car, after going to other outrageous dealerships, I was initially looking for a Buick LeSabre since it was a cheaper version of the Park Avenue and saw some, but the weren’t really that desirable or the were too high. I saw the Park Avenue early and decided that I would finally take a look thinking it wouldn’t be affordable because it had only a little over 100,000 miles. When the car salesman told the price for the car, I was shocked. After some more bargaining the car cost only a little over $2500 dollars before taxes. I think I got one over on the dealership. Other dealers were trying to sell me cars that were close to 200,000 miles and far less superior than my Park Avenue for more than $3000 dollars. Sorry about the long car buying experience, but it was my first (tear).

This car is far more that what I expected. It accelerates so flawlessly and smoothly that some times I don’t realize that I’m doing way higher than the posted speed limit. It seems to have no strain even with a car full of passengers and its speed surprises some (Some times people test you only to see your taillights in the sunset.).

The only problem this car has is that the heat only blows out of the passenger side, but not the drivers side, seems to be a common GM problem. I live in the south so the winter isn’t too bad (the highs lately have been the 60's and low 70's and it’s December) but I don’t want to freeze when it gets cold.

The only problem I’ve had was the coolant level sensor fell out the radiator and most of the coolant leaked. I glad I wasn’t far from home. The sensor was original and a cold spell came through and made the plastic connectors brittle and it fell out (theory), the part cost $40 dollars. That’s a lot for a college when student when it happens out the blue. Still I expect to have my Park Avenue a long time and hopefully it will last. I change the oil regular and plan to do all the maintenance I can to keep it running. I also hope I lose my lead foot because I don’t want to send my car to an early grave.

This car is faster than you would believe and I'm 18.

Doesn't mean you can drive it like a race car or small car. (I spent out a couple of times on turns and had some near rear end collisions)

Don't have to worry about hitting my head when I get in or out of the car (I'm 6'2)

Very luxurious for a cheap price.

Nice and roomy.

Looks good.

Insurance is cheap.

Can't seem to get better than 21mpg. I hope gas price don't go to $3 a gallon again.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2006

21st Dec 2006, 17:51

You did good. VERY good. Our family's 1977 LaSabre has over 230,000 miles and is solid as a rock. You should get at least another 150,000 out of yours easily. Older GM cars are the best value in used cars and will be running for decades. My late father's 52-year-old GM car is still being driven by a nephew of mine. The Buick has topped the J.D. Powers list in owner satisfaction for years. There's a good reason for that: They are the best.