9th Feb 2007, 07:37

My 1995 Park Avenue is a good car 0verall, with 148,000 miles. My major complaint has been the AC = several expensive repairs.

It also had some problems with recurrent non-starting, but that turned out to be a faulty ground.

Overall, a great car. I bought another, and will do so again after I finally wear this one out. If you keep up with the preventive maintainence it really pays off.

20th Mar 2007, 09:16

Another update: Recently my power antenna stop letting down. I though I was going to be out of big buck to replace a new one. Then I remembered that you have to clean the antenna every once in awhile. I looked at the antenna and it had residue build up on it. I used a towel and dishwasher liquid and cleaned it and started working again. Taught me a lesson. You have to actually do maintenance on other parts of the car besides the engine and drive-train.

20th Mar 2007, 13:46

I have a 95 lesabre and when I bought it used many years ago, it too had that vibration problem. I tried rotating tires and balancing to no avail. Then I got it aligned and it corrected it a bit, but alignement was still off. The mechanic at Pepboys informed me that there's only so much he can adjust with the stock shocks so I got new shocks and aligned (wasn't expensive at all).

Now the problem is resolved, plus my tires last forever. Before getting the new shocks I was replacing front tires every 6 months, no kidding.

I'm happy with the car, didn't need much fixing in the 75k miles I've had it and it's at 135k now.

I've never had issues with the brakes, so I cannot comment on that.

13th Apr 2007, 20:58

Another update: My power antenna stop letting down. It was probably my fault. I would constantly cut the radio on and off all the time. This time I just have a question for anyone reading. About how long do park avenues/lesabre transmissions last? When I went to the junk yard most of the GM cars seemed to die around 170,000 miles. What should I expect?

14th Apr 2007, 18:52

My '93 Park Ave transmission crapped out at 114K miles.

Park Ave's are great if you don't mind being mistaken for an old coot. Not too popular with the ladies though...

23rd Apr 2007, 14:30

I forgot to mention this in a recent update, but when I was change out my power steering fluid (changed to synthetic) I left my flash light in the engine compartment (yes I was an idiot). Well I I start the car, but it would start. I tried again and I finally started. I was making terrible noises. So I finally decide to pull back in the driveway. When I let the hood up the flashlight was stuck in the drive belt (really the belt a melted the outer casing of the flashlight). The outer edge of the drive belt was cut a little bit. Which I glad because I not going to be happy if I had to replace it. Maybe what saved me was that the drive belt seemed to be new when I got the car, plus I was on for only about 30 seconds and didn't reach the batteries.

15th May 2007, 17:34

I finally solved my vibration problem. Got some new tires and a alignment today. Now the car rides as smooth as ever. No vibration and the new tires just make the ride so much more comfortable.

22nd May 2007, 13:28

The day after I got my new tires my rear wheel cylinder busted. Couldn't figure out why my car braking distance was increasing. But a puddle around my back tire solved the problem. The rebuild kit was only 3 dollars and and was fairly simple to replace and I decided to replace both sides for cheap insurance. I went on and got some new brake shoes since the other ones were cracked down the middle. Taking of the shoes, 13 dollars, is the easy part, putting them back on is like night and day. took me two days to put on one side, but only two hours for the side (I learned from my mistakes). The total cost was about 50 dollars because of tools, brake fluid, and other things necessary to do the job.

19th Jun 2007, 18:43

Just came from a recent, 180 miles one way, trip. My car performed flawlessly. I was worried about my intake manifold since I now have 121,000 miles on my car so I took of the 3800 series II cover to get all the air I could to it. I got 26.8 mpg, with the a/c running, on the way there with a 30 minute traffic crawl and traveling at 70 mph. On the way back I got 30.3 mpg with no traffic stops and the a/c running.

The amazing thing to me was that I was traveling at 70 mph and some times 80 mph. this car gets good highway mileage for a large car. When I'm at home the most I get out of my car is 22 mpg with mixed city/highway driving.

19th Jul 2007, 07:24

To answer about how long a P. A.'s tranny last: I had my tranny completely rebuilt at 169,000 miles. I love the car, but this was a costly repair ($1800.00) The passenger door lock must be a common problem in the buicks. I too also have the vibration at higher speeds. By the way my Park Avenue is a 1994.

21st Aug 2007, 09:19

Another update. My car now has 123,600 miles on it. Recently the a/c stopped working and my check engine light came on last night. I was at a stoplight and when the light changed, I hit the gas and the car stumbled and has been idling rough since, and seems as if it is about to stall out. Does anyone have any ideas? Could it be the camshaft sensor?

30th Aug 2007, 01:18

Take it to your local Advanced Auto Parts Store and they will run a free diagnostic for you. I bet it's your crank sensor.

4th Sep 2007, 10:39

I took my car up to autozone and advance auto, but my car has the last year of the OBD I system in it and the only do scans on OBD II cars. I couldn't by the $20 dollar scan tool because it only runs up to 93'. I replaced an ignition coil because one of the post was corroded an giving of a weak spark. The light stayed on still so I took it to the dealership and the stole $100 dollars from me. They said that it was an erg valve short and it would cost $450 dollars for parts and repairs. Well the good thing is later that night the light went of and my car is running normal again.

25th Feb 2008, 06:05

I appreciate all the info you have posted about your Park Ave. I have just recently purchased a 1995 Park Ave. with 95K miles. I did not get the deal you did, (3200.00) but the car is absolutly beautiful. No scratches, dents, nothing. I'm also concerned with the plastic intake on my car failing. I will keep my fingers crossed. I look foward to reading anymore updates you post. Sounds like your experience has been pretty good so far other than a few small things.