25th Sep 2011, 16:02

You would be wise to resist getting a newer car. I gave in and traded my 2005 Park Avenue with only 41,000 miles for a brand new 2011 Lucerne. I have had some minor factory paint defects that have really completely ruined the new car buying experience. I traded the car for well below what it was worth, and I actually liked it better than my new car. I am really kicking myself, and I'm already considering getting something else after I get my tax rebate check next year. The new cars just don't compare to the traditional old Buicks.

4th Jun 2012, 19:38

Update: I'm now at 197k and the car is still alive. I've had to do a couple of things.

I've changed out my heater control valve; it was plastic, and just broke one day, and spilled coolant everywhere. It made my serpentine belt slip off, but I was at home, so no major problems.

I had to change out my alternator yet again, but purchased another brand this time.

I also had to change out my harmonic balancer; it went bad.

I installed a new fuel pump replacement for peace of mind.

My A/C is acting up yet again, but still blows cold air. I will just deal with it at this point.

This round of repairs cost me around $400, which isn't too bad. $0 in repairs would be nice, but the repairs are still cheaper than car payments. I plan to keep my Park Avenue at-least one more year, and hopefully make it to 200k; it seems that it will. It's been a faithful car overall, even though it has caused frustration at times.

A/C has been my major headache, and the most costly repairs.

17th Nov 2013, 21:08

Update: The car has around 205k miles now. It's no longer in my possession, a relative has it. I have now moved on to a 2009 Toyota Camry SE, which I do enjoy.

Only minor things have occurred for the most part since I last posted. A battery cable and few issues with the fuel line have been the only problems that I know of, and it's in need of shocks; they are past their time, and I think the water pump has a slight leak.

Cosmetically it needs another paint job, and the roof liner has finally began to drop some. Still purrs like a kitten and shifts silky smooth with 200k+.

18th Nov 2013, 17:07

I am very surprised you are satisfied with a Camry coming off of a 90s Park Avenue. Those cars rode SO smoothly. Personally I would never drive a mid-size Japanese car, but to each their own. I hope it serves you as well as the Buick.

11th Sep 2015, 15:28

Is there a loose or broke motor mount?

30th Mar 2020, 08:49

I know this thread is dead, but your lighting control module under dash by the steering column makes the lights stay on. It is a black box with relays and a card, and the relays get stuck. Not too hard to replace.