25th Feb 2017, 23:09

Yes modern cars ride much too firm. The old classics were a lot more comfortable and better looking to boot!

26th Feb 2017, 15:16

My one big car that really stuck out in my case was an old 88 Town Car. My thoughts are on long highway stretches they are fine. But since driving new models, my thoughts have definitely changed. The power steering had dead spots or delayed action. The cars definitely wallow into turns. And it only increases with age. Visibility limitations within the lane. Hard to park and city driving limitations. I like more defined steering response today. And changing ride modes. And a host of modern options. Outstanding sound systems, hands free phone and a myriad of other amenities. I won't even buy a new car anymore without built in NAV and touch screen.

Lastly the seats are far better on many new ones. Better lumbar support and numerous personal driving settings. Why buy primitive and go through a restoration and mechanical process, and still be with dated old school technology.

26th Feb 2017, 18:03

I hear ya there. Unfortunately there was a similar debate over this on a recent Cadillac Brougham thread.

27th Feb 2017, 02:47

I always felt very fortunate owning a modern era car. There must be broad based appeal or individuals would not purchase them. While less and less old gens disappear by obsolescence, mechanical issues, rust integrity issues, by accidents etc. I suspect we will see new car comparisons vs older gens for a forum such as this to exist.

15th Mar 2017, 18:20

If you're not interested in older cars, why are you reading reviews about them?

15th Mar 2017, 21:29

Because I own 2 of them as well as modern ones. One comment I will add is I don't drive the old ones the same day or even within a few days of having the newer one out. It's like driving a cement mixer even with Muncy transmissions vs modern manuals with minimal shift and clutch effort. The steering isn't real noticeable, but the brakes are as well. Even with discs. If I wait it's not so pronounced. If I can rephrase, I like my old and new ones and feel fortunate to own them. I guess you may have difficulty lumping me into your category.

16th Mar 2017, 02:52

The wallowing of a Town Car can be quelled by adding Bilstein shocks and the larger rear anti sway bar from a police spec Crown Vic. The dead and delayed feeling steering can be improved by refreshing the steering linkage and rebuilding the steering box. Add an aftermarket stereo with Bluetooth and you have your hands free calling. When you're crawling along in rush hour traffic, you can stretch out on the plush Lazy Boy comfort of the Town Car's seats while other drivers are going nowhere fast in their penalty boxes. Or you can give your dealer a big check every month to lease a Toyonda or Kiundai.

16th Mar 2017, 04:07

It's like reading about mass genocide, or other atrocities. While one doesn't wish for it to happen again, it is fascinating that something so horrific could occur!

16th Mar 2017, 13:15

What 2 classics do you own?

16th Mar 2017, 20:45

Why do you want to bash them?

17th Mar 2017, 13:15

Nope, I don't bash classics, I appreciate them. Even my daily driver is a 21 year old American luxury; just trying to make conversation. If you want to keep it a secret, that's your prerogative.