25th Jul 2003, 18:53

Nice looking car and nice driving, but just try to buy a windshield.

1st Dec 2003, 09:01

Are any of you having problems with your headlights?

31st Mar 2004, 08:26

I have an 89 Reatta that I purchased new. It now has 112,000 miles and I just had to replace the power brake elements of the brake system. Because GM will not release schematics to a non GM Service center, I was forced to have this done at Buick and of course was ripped to the tune of $1,335. I have a power lock problem with my passenger door. It locks automatically, but has to be opened manually most of the time. No one has been able to figure this out. Any one have any ideas?

27th Apr 2004, 05:20

Check the ground wires going to both doors for continuity.

26th May 2004, 12:18

My dad just bought me a 89 reatta and it is the smoothest riding vehicle I've been in. But the radio does not work. There are way too many relays so me and my dad don't know what to do anyone know what might be wrong?

3rd Jun 2004, 16:37

Can anybody tell me where the ABS brake computer module is located???

15th Sep 2004, 13:52

I own a 1989 Reatta. Just love it!! But I have had lots of problems with the electrically system. At the present, the Electronic Control Center panel keeps going blank. Also with the headlights on, my dash may blackout. I'm told it's a electrical short, but no one so far has been able to narrow it down. Any suggestions?

The ABS module is located in the trunk, on the left side.

7th Nov 2004, 10:44

I bought a 1988 Buick Reatta Coupe just over two years ago, apart from replacing brake pads, wheel alignment and wheel balancing, I have had no problem with the car. This is more impressive when you consider the car had completed 209,000km (130,000 miles) when I bought it and is now at 259,000km (160,00 miles)! Just a great car, both in reliability, handling and enjoyment!

1st Dec 2004, 15:50

I own two Reattas, both 89's. I love them! My red one has 173,000 miles and is still going strong. My black one has only 29,000 miles. I think they are beautiful cars, very distinctive and unique. I have replaced some items on the red car, but consider it worth it. My only complaint is that parts are more and more difficult to get. I would like to know how many of these cars are still on the road. Do all (or most of) the owners feel as I do, that they are special cars, worth keeping and preserving as much as one is able?

3rd Dec 2004, 19:29

I have an 89 reatta that I bought a year ago-it was love at first sight-my left headlight is lazy, I've replaced the harmonic balancer, the brakes, calipers etc. and the radiator & hoses. I have an oil leak somewhere, and my brake cable keeps falling down making the emergency brake light come on. My service engine light is on, but they tell me it's just a loose magnet in the cam shaft. My biggest problem is the rear defog, I've replaced the fuse, but it still doesn't work I would like to know what other problems I can expect -I still love this car`

8th Jan 2005, 16:44

I have always admired these cars, and if parts were easier to find I'd consider buying one. I have seen some listed as having a manual, and a car that size with the 3800 and a stick would really fly. It looks great, probably drives great, and seems like a very reliable car.

I know of a kid my age (17) that had one of these, and the ingrate wrecked it taking a corner at 100MPH. He had launched it over a ditch and bent it to death, but it made it home and kacked in the driveway. It just makes me angry that someone is so reckless with such a nice piece of equipment. I have a 1970 Toronado, and I drive it like it is made of porcelain. I have never gone too fast around a corner, and I don't speed. The 455 is tempting, and yet the fastest I've had it is 85MPH on a freeway on-ramp. I have a car that is up there in style and rareness with the Reatta and I intend to keep it around. If I do buy a Reatta, it will never be driven recklessly.

19th Feb 2005, 08:19

I have an 89 Reatta and would not trade it for anything! This is the best car I have ever driven, the only problem I have is the computer screen going off and on, but hope to get that fixed one day. Mine is black and has the sunroof, I am going to get a new paint job this summer and hope to restore it completely. I am known as the Reattachick..

22nd Mar 2005, 19:54

I too have an 89 Reatta, it is black and I very recently had it painted. I sell cars for a living and Have brand new cars for demo's. But I love driving this car more than any new car I've driven. Yes I have had to replace the screen because the old one kept going in and out. But once replace with a refurbished one it works great! This car handles soo well and is very comfortable to drive! I can relate to reattachick! This cars is FUN!...Osseobob!

25th Mar 2005, 22:35

I've just completed phase I of my "get it up and going" 89 Reatta program which included struts all around, a complete Teves brake unit, motor mounts, power steering pump, rack & pinion, and, to top it off, a windshield. The 132K engine remains flawless and untouched with the exception of a new temperature sensor. If I didn't love this little red coupe before, I need to love her now. At times I felt like I must have been buying Rolls Royce parts. I bought the car on Ebay a couple of weeks ago having recalled the first time I saw one back in the early 90's. Now that she's safely rolling, the romance is on again. Good acceleration and great braking, slot car like cornering, and killer eye appeal are the features that I most admire, not to mention the 20+ MPG. It's the perfect old guy sport car, fast, but not scary, comfortable, but not boring, pricey, but still affordable.

2nd Apr 2005, 05:31

Greetings. I have owned my 1990 Reatta for about six months. Thus far, the ownership experience surpasses all those previous (I have only owned five cars).

At times, I do question its practicality, mainly because the gas mileage is so horrible. Especially considering the fact that it is only a two-seater: City 15 mpg; highway 19 mpg. My previous car was a heavy European V6 sedan that always got better than City 22 mpg.

However, the Reatta's thirst for becomes more validated when one considers the fact that the automobile is built like a tank - figuratively speaking - and has a V6 3.8L engine. Safely built.


Yes, I consider the car to be quite fast. Its top speed is likely governed, however I have never maxed it. Those of us that truly cherish the auto for what it is surely understand that the stoplight competitor cannot trifle a car of its caliber. The Reatta's power is not found from a stop-to-go position. Rather, it is found when the driver is already going over 20 mph. I see the Reatta as being built for the highway.


Good maneuverability, but bad turning radius. E G: If I need to change lanes instantly, while going 75 miles the Reatta performs magically - DO NOT TRY THIS YOURSELF. However, if I need to make a U-turn or cut an angle to make compact parking place, I will most certainly have to come to a complete stop.


Thus far, the car has done well! Despite one major problem, the heater core - which could have been avoided (described below). Car was purchased with 84K from 1st owner - who apparently kept the car garaged without storing it properly. The tires where mostly rotted through, so where some belts and gaskets. Maybe that's why the rubber weather-stripping is so fickle.

Major costs repairs on vehicle:

New Quality TIRES (270) : Front Struts (250 P&L) When purchased the car needed new front & back struts. I had the front ones replaced for. I will wait on the back ones.

HEATER CORE (350 P&L) : This proved to be a real drag to get fixed. Every time the part would blow, large quantities of coolant would drain onto my floor. I had the core replaced three times in three months - the second two were under warranty. After the third time the problem was diagnosed! Apparently, the engine coolant had never been flushed and had become an extremely acidic sludge that continued to eat through the aluminum solder joints. Since the coolant has been flushed the heater core works fine.

H2O PUMP (110 P&L) : the major cost was labor.


FRONT BRAKES (140) with labor:

RIGHT HEADLIGHT: parts (40.00 per light). - The guy before me had this job done at dealer and cost him over 150 per light. A common problem! Found free repair instructions on-line. Suggest going ahead and fixing both b\c both sides acquires similar ware.

Approximate Total: 1,000 since purchase.

That might seem high when cost of vehicle is considered, but a lot of these things were routine - brakes, strutts, tries, and fluid flushes. Anyhow, what does one expect when buying a used car with 80+K? When you buy someone's car, you buy her/his problems too.

I love the car. I am in my twenties and this is the first car that I can claim as my own. The parts can be expensive, but it's a modern-day classic! I have had more than one mechanic say, "Wow a Reatta! I have never seen one of these before!" When driving around the city it is common for people to admire its uniqueness.