3rd May 2005, 18:31

I searched and searched for a Reatta and finally found one last January (2004) with only 35K miles. Today, I have 60K miles and have had minimal complaints. However, I have had to replace a headlight (right) and blinker bulbs on several occasions and still I cannot get a bright light, only dim. Anyone know the problem with this? Also, currently my touchscreen is blinking on and off, depending on the day. Anyone know how I might diagnose the problem and/or fix it? I love my car! 2.5 years ago was in an accident in a small foreign car, I wouldn't trade the luxury and protection of the Reatta for another sporty model. I finally feel like I have a bit of protection between me and the other careless drivers. You cannot beat this car for long trips! We drove it across the nation without a worry.

15th Jun 2005, 18:30

FOR SALE: 1988 Buck Reatta Luxury coup. Black with 62,000 original miles. Purchased 7 days ago~! Car is to hard riding on wife's back, she has 3 rods down her spine & can't ride in or drive it. 1st come, 1st Buy. It's in excellent shape & ready to drive "anywhere"!

This is the Select 60 (rare} 2 seater! Pwr windows, doors, leather seats (two tone beige & cream}, stereo, CC, touch screen computer, automatic climate control. LOADED! etc! They made 694 only in black! MACK {951} 652-6691 $5,995 OBO Hemet, California 92545 E-Mail: BUICK1988@msn.com.

13th Jul 2005, 03:50

I have the chance to buy an 89 Reatta, it would be for me--not my kids, not my husband--are they really that awesome of a car?? Brenda brenda.k.berger@us.army.mil.

9th Sep 2005, 21:17

I am the original owner of a 1988 Reatta with 82,800 miles on it. I love it.

I took it to Germany and drove the Autobahn and let me tell you she handled like a dream. There is however some type of electronic govenor on it because the digital dash blanks at 200kph and I also felt a slight deceleration. But what a rush. By the way I only did this once, but I had to see what she could do :)

I do have the standard problem with the stereo; tape does not work and the radio works, but the static is unbearable. Anyone know where I can either get it fixed or rebuilt?

I also need to replace the passenger side smoke window. A hit and runner whacked the mirror and it shattered the glass. Any help/info would be greatly appreciated.

22nd Sep 2005, 16:06

My wife has been driving the same 1990 Reatta Coupe since 1991. It was and is a wonderful automobile who's styling becomes more advanced every year.

We keep it in near perfect condition.


1. Grey finish has worn off the leather steering wheel and new replacements could run close to $2000 installed.

2. Actuating assembly which opens and closes the headlights is a poor design and small replacement pieces of linkage cost roughly $150.00 from Dealers. Internet suppliers are very few and want up to three weeks to deliver at around $80.00 for the same part.

3. Pedestal is drab and the black liner on the shift shaft chaser subject to peeling off. Replacement? Very difficult. Wood grained dash and pedestal trim sounds better all the time.

4. Had an engine sensor problem which was very difficult and expensive to repair which only shows the deterioration of Dealer mechanics. The problem was common to the GM engine.

I drive a BMW 328 which is my favorite car of record, but I still enjoy driving the Reatta. Weight distribution is poor, but is still a great highway car and an eye catcher in the city.

Strange that one hears so little of the fact that the Reatta was the last hand-built car in America and among the last in the world. No production line; shop built. It is also my understanding that it was built by the Cadillac division rather than Buick.

The cars are worth considerably more than they sell for on the open market, but the lack of financing for cars over ten years old restrains their value.

14th Oct 2005, 19:48

The Reatta was a great car. My son bought one as his first car two years ago when he turned sixteen. I am sad today because he rolled it over today on his way to school. He was not injured and the car protected him very well. I was sad to see this fine automobile hauled to the junk yard today. But hopefully the parts from it will make it onto some other Reatta's to help prolong their life. I would buy another one if one would come my way.


Robert Morehead


23rd Dec 2005, 19:01

Leather steering wheels can be refinished by skilled leather smiths. Go to a high-quality auto upholsterer for this service.

If the leather is torn or gone, you can buy a very nice lace-on replacement at a nominal price.

2nd Jan 2006, 20:53

I owned a red ’89 Reatta with tan leather and the car was so much fun. I am a big guy and the doors were a dream to enter, exit. The gadgets were indeed luxurious in nature. Right down to the dual power seats. The only issue I had was the touch screen CRT in the control center. Years ahead of it’s time. Unfortunately the screen, since it is a high voltage tube exactly like that of a television, has a limited life span. Mine was starting to show the text lean to the right like italics. I think the replacement was available for $500 as of three years ago. I’m destined to own another some day, once the divorce is done. There are two in my small Midwest hometown I am watching closely.

4th Feb 2006, 19:28

I purchased my 1989 Reatta off the showroom floor in a small Washington town where pickup trucks ruled. As a result, I got a great deal. It is red with the sunroof, but not the 16 way seats. What the hell are they, anyway? The only problems I have had are the computer screen, which I had replaced 3 times. It has worked well now for 12 years. I had the water pump and hoses replaced years ago, and the antenna (my fault) and the cruise control and front brakes. It has 85 thousand pampered miles on it. I hope to be buried in it someday. It is a heavier car than it looks, is really great on freeways, and I get decent mileage in town and on the highway. People are constantly asking me about it and are surprised to learn it is a Buick. Mechanics and dealers are always telling me they have never seen one before, or if they have, not one is as good a condition as mine. It is a classic before its time.

Ken, Tucson, AZ.

12th Feb 2006, 01:38

I owned a 1989 Reatta coupe. It was very reliable for the duration of time I had it. At about 120,000 miles, I decided to sell it. To make the engine compartment look nice to potential buyers, I steam-cleaned the engine bay.

Big, BIG mistake!!! The problems started almost immediately, and within a couple of months, I had spent nearly $2000 replacing electrical parts, sensors, air-conditioning parts, etc. What a huge headache.

In just a few words, NEVER, under any circumstances, steam-clean your engine in these complicated, electrically-complex cars!!! Just wipe things down with a rag.