17th Sep 2005, 19:55

I purchased my 94 regal gs in January. I have the same problem with the ABS light it usually goes on when I back up. I am pretty sure the problem is the self adjusters. high-mileage oil is a must for max performance. I have had to replace the starter. A coolant flush and Bosch platinum 2's are great for reliability and horsepower.

6th Nov 2005, 23:19

I love my 94 Regal Custom, however there is a leak between the door and driver side sun visor.

This makes the headliner wet and even drip's onto the driver seat when it is raining.

I had a sealer applied to the area on the outside to no avail, does anyone have any ideas?

29th Dec 2005, 17:11

I found the solution to the leak. Go and buy some silicone RV sealant and squeeze some in the small water drain on the upper driver's side of the windshield.

I am also a proud owner of a 1994 Buick Regal Gran Sport with 175,000mi. I am the second owner beginning since 1996, and the date now is December 2005.

15th Mar 2006, 09:34

I have a 1994 regal gran sport and have had trouble with the air cond. compressor on my third and my car is black, Other than that I love this car!!! TIM Jax, FL.

2nd Mar 2007, 11:38

I own a 1994 Regal Custom with 169,000mi. It's the best car I've ever owned. It handles well and the steering is tight. I get just over 21 mpg - city. The seats are very comfortable. This car is a pleasure to drive.

I have had a few problems though :

I had to replace the radiator (damaged in an accident)

I have electrical problems, but all the fuses are OK

(not working - dome light, under hood light, cig lighter, cruise control, some dash lights.

A/C compressor bad after only 2 years.

Idler pulley disintegrated - bearings and all.

And my current problem - engine idles erratically and stalls when warmed - up.

Even so - I still love this car. It has been totally reliable up to the present and has never left me stranded. I would buy another one without hesitation.

Also, I do most of my own repairs so I can say that it's a relatively easy car to work on and the parts are reasonably priced compared to others.

1st Jul 2009, 23:58

I bought my 1994 Buick Regal GS (2 door) April 2008, It had 193,788 miles.

Now after a year 198,465 and a hard to find electrical problem (so I thought) staring me in the face. Needed to replace the fuse box at the battery, I replaced the front pads and heater core and all the ABS lights are always on. I still haven't put it all back together under the dash or have I found replacement heater hoses. I need to fix the inlet tube (uses a gallon of water a day). I damaged the drivers door regulator trying to open the window with ice all over it.

The dome lights have never worked and it needs shocks, valve covers both leak and I need a front bumper cover.

Just last week I figured out it needs a turn signal switch, maybe if I fix that (if I can find a new one) the brake lights will work again.

Most dealer OEM parts are discontinued, but she starts and runs great everyday without a second thought. I get 21 or better mileage.

Someday when the time is right, I want to make it a Rat Rod and put the body on a late 60's full frame with a small block rear wheel drive. What GM should have done is left well enough alone. Still, it's a great car.

3rd Aug 2009, 13:25

I have a 94 Regal GS 2 dr.

ABS lights periodically or always on.

I solved the problem when I discovered the little black box just forward of the shock absorber tower on the drivers side. Looks like heat warps the cover giving enough space for the relay to vibrate out and break the connection. I jiggled the relay, pushed it down and the ABS/brake lights turned off then added foam to fill the gap.

23rd Aug 2009, 10:05

I have a 1994 Buick Regal Grand Sport. It was having many issues ABS light, dim head light, intermittent wipers not working, oil pressure gauge jumping. I cleaned the connections on the 2 under hood fuse boxes. I removed all the fuses and cleaned them. I cleaned the 3 ground wire connections on the radiator frame. That has solved the problems.

24th Sep 2009, 15:42

I have a 94 Buick Regal, and I bought a deck and everything. I need to put it in and 2 12 inch subs. but it is hard to hard wire it in. Any tips?

25th Jan 2010, 11:15

I own a 1994 Regal Buick. It has under 30,000 miles on it. It is a wonderful car. It is dark red and shines like new.

My only problem now is that there is a water type leak underneath the car on the passenger side, and I noticed it on my garage floor. I would appreciate any comments. Thank you.

18th Feb 2010, 20:49

Water leak under the passenger side of the car? A/C condensate? If it's clear liquid (and A/C has been on), that's most likely what it is. Little elbow on firewall, can be seen on top by looking down the firewall behind and to the left of the power steering unit (viewing from the passenger side). If it has antifreeze in it, you may have a leaking heater core or heater hose issue.

7th Jun 2010, 13:18

Check the weep hole of the water pump, I had a leak and it dripped, but was hard to tell the source of it because it drips and runs out somewhere else, and it would only leak when the car was running.

4th Aug 2010, 12:49

I have a 1994 Buick Regal Gran Sport with 3.8L engine.

Does anyone know how to get at the heater core? It looks like I have to take apart the dashboard, but I'd rather not if there is an easier way.


17th Sep 2010, 08:58

I have owned my '94 Regal Gran Sport for a little over a year now, and as soon as I got the car, I had to replace the harmonic balancer.

My A/C has been out for quite a while now; turns out that can be pretty expensive. Just called a mechanic; told me that it would be 1200 to do it with parts and labor. So, I have decided to attempt to do it myself.

Also, my ABS light has never went off since I replaced the harmonic balancer.

I also have an electrical problem; yet to find out where at. This problem has stopped my left turn signal from working, the windshield doesn't work unless you have the left turn signal on, the horn has stopped working, the driver's side window won't roll down, and finally the left tail light is out. Doesn't seem like it likes the left side too much.

Overall, even with all these problems, I still love my car. I love the pick up it has, and it is fantastic on gas!

18th Sep 2010, 16:04

Sounds like your Buick might have suffered a stroke LOL!

20th Sep 2010, 22:07

My left turn signals were glitching both front and rear ones and on the dashboard as well. Turned out to be a simple bulb in the rear left, bought for $2.50 only.

Good luck with that. I just sold mine for parts. I was scared of an unknown electrical problem (I'm not a mechanic), and now I regret it - Buick is really great.