24th Aug 2005, 09:34

Review update: 140,000 miles. Still no problems. One recall on the steering bearing. This was replaced within a couple of hours by the dealer who gave my mom a free loaner while the Regal was in there. They never charged one dime for anything, and she did not even buy the car from this dealer! The loaner was an Impala, and while she was glad that they gave it to her, she was anxious to get the Regal back. Still going strong! Still looks and goes like new!

11th Jan 2006, 22:21

Update: 143,000 miles. The starter failed one night in Savannah, an hour away from home, on River Street. Not the most fun place to be late at night. All of the towing companies in Savannah were too busy towing cars from the Civic Center to come tow ours home. We finally called a towing company in our home town to come get the car. Fortunately, my dad had his car, so we were not without wheels. The gentleman who picked up the car fixed it the next day within an hour for a little over $200, much faster and more reasonable than any dealer would have been. The car starts better than new now and I have even more confidence in the car to take us anywhere.

30th Jun 2007, 23:33

Update: 162,000 miles. We sold the Regal today to buy a new Camry. My mom still loved the Regal dearly, but my dad and I wanted her to get the Camry and then it so happened that a friend was in immediate need of a good car for not much money, so we sold the Regal to them. The Regal was an excellent car the entire eight years that we had it and I have absolutely no regrets about buying it. The fact that we drove the car for that long and put so many miles on it with it only breaking down once is very satisfying. I drove the Regal some distance for the last time today to deliver it to the new owner and it still cruised the interstate like it did when it was new, so I feel that it will continue to be a good car for our friend and that the Camry will do the job for my folks just as well or better.

26th Apr 2009, 03:47

4-26-09, bought this car from the original owner 3 months ago, 114,000, it was well maintained and is beautiful to look at and drive.

I've added a trunk spoiler, looks great.

This car is a joy to drive, solid, all I replaced were a couple bulbs and trunk struts, didn't know it had Gran Touring suspension until I saw it on the dash area.

Can't get over the CD sound system. This is the best used car I have owned. Did a Vin check and it has passed ca. smog every time, all my friends are very impressed.

27th Apr 2009, 04:27

4-27-09 This is an add on to the LS Gran Touring from 4-26-09.

It has the luxury and prestige option package with all options except sun-roof, cellphone prewire and chrome aluminum wheels.

Has driver and passenger 6-way leather.

I am so impressed with this car, even though it is used, it would be a shame if GM collapses.

24th Jan 2011, 04:47

I've never really owned a Regal myself, my mom did, and being the owner of a 1998 Dodge Intrepid for only 5 months, it's been in the shop for something new every single month.

I don't remember my mom having this much trouble with the Regal, the Regal never gets its oil changed, never has more than an eighth of a tank of gas, no tunes ups... ever, and was even involved in a crash that messed up the front end. The car still runs.

I'm switching over to the Regal.