4th Apr 2008, 18:57

Gas gauge reads full when empty, and empty when full. Now the car just flat out won't start. Biggest mistake of my life.

8th Apr 2008, 08:25

I bought my 2002 Rendevous CX GM certified 3 years ago. Biggest mistake I ever made. Front bearings (hub assemblies) on fourth one for the driver side, 3rd for the passenger side. AC condenser blew just out of warranty. I did get the dealer to cover 1/2 of cost. Many electrical problems such as control back lights burning out, mirror lights burning out. Console lid latch breaking. Lumbar adjuster knob falling off even though never used. Replace driver side window motor. Steering wheel buttons have paint coming off. Squeaks and rattles everywhere. Major noises now coming from back end. Told possible springs. Runs hot, told needs need head gasket. Now I have an "error" message where my odometer should be reading. I have had many conversations with GM and gotten no where. They told me I need to accept responsibility for the up keep of my vehicle. No relief. The recall for the hub assemblies up to 60,000 miles should be 100,000. I replace 3rd at $450 at 62,000 miles and was told too bad I had exceeded the adjusted warranty. I think it is time GM accept FULL responsibility for this junk they put on the market. I will never buy GM again.

6th May 2008, 09:48

What a piece of garbage. I have an '02 Rendez-crap that I bought used with 18,000 miles and have had nothing but problems with it. I have replaced the front right wheel bearing twice and the left once. Of course the right failed after the 90 warranty was up and had to pay for it again. I have had the head gaskets replaced, the A/C condenser replaced, the fuel gauge replaced, the computer replaced and something for the computer a month later. What a racket. The lighted mirror fell off the windshield and broke. Had to pay for that. An oxygen sensor was replaced and some other things I know I'm forgetting. All that and I was fortunate enough to have purchased the extended warranty that covered most of the issues except for the $100 deductable. My warranty is over in 20 days and I'm hearing a noise when turning left. Hmmm sounds like a wheel bearing. It's a real shame this car can't stay out of the shop. It's a joy to drive and gets good gas mileage for a vehicle it's size. I'm trying to convince the wife to get rid of it before the transmission goes. I wish I were lying about all the problems but I'm not. I can't believe they would sell something like this that had a sticker price of 34K+. Wow!

4th Jun 2008, 21:36

I have had my 2002 Rendevous loaded for 13 months now. Bought it right before you would need to turn air on, and went to use it for the first time a month after I bought it, and the condenser was shot. Went and complained to dealer that sold it to me, but they didn't help, so I called GM directly and they made me pay 200, but better than 1,400..

Then just about 4 months ago, I kept putting in antifreeze and couldn't figure out where it was going, because I never saw it on the ground. I took it to a shop, and they told me it was a cracked lower intake gasket.. wanted 1,200 to fix; ended up having a friend who is a mechanic fix it for 200, but the point is soo many people are having same problems, you think GM would put out a recall on these parts..

From what I have seen in local newspaper, people are suing GM for the intake gasket if you have proof you replaced it, which I do not, since I had done by a friend..

I definitely plan on turning my car in for a different one before I end up paying it off. I love it, but it definitely does not run like it should..

18th Jun 2008, 12:02

My husbands place of work bought a new 2002 Buick Rendezvous, off the lot, I drove it- loved it and bought one myself. My husbands vehicle only has 45,000 and has been a great car with no noted problems BUT has regular (or more than regular maintenance) preformed on it. The mechanics watch it like a hawk!! But I have 111,000 plus miles on my 2002 and have experienced more than a few annoying problems. The one item I have replaced 4 times on both front doors is the window motor. The windows went down and never came back up. I was given an explanation that the mechanism just wears out in AZ due to the heat. Same thing has happened on my husbands work rendezvous as well. BUT now my car has shown some problems with the body control module. I tried to lock the car with my key fob and the lights would not go off, the air, windows and radio were locked. The service engine light came on and I am taking it into the shop on Fri. Had problems with break noises from the front and have replaced and had them checked ALL THE TIME. No problem other than dust in the brake or wheel. I am going to trade it off ASAP. Am afraid this is going to be a money pit.

19th Jun 2008, 10:25

My brother and his wife bought this car for their large family and have had nothing but problems since. No air conditioning, bearings etc. The latest is that the ignition and steering wheel is locked. The vehicle is in the parking lot of the church and they can't figure it out. Anyone have any ideas what this is??

14th Jul 2008, 16:22

We purchased a 2002CX new off the lot. The car ran perfectly for the 1st 82000 miles. Just beyond the 80000 mile extended warranty.

At 82k the head gasket failed and filled 1 cylinder with coolant.

Shortly following that the front wheel bearings had to be replaced (86000 miles).

The car has run well until a couple of days ago when it started missing on hot days. No lights or indications and only when it's a hot day. I took it in and had it put on an analyzer, but while we could see it misfiring, no codes were generated. We replaced the plugs and wires and cleaned the fuel filter. Still could not find a cause. The mechanic (certified) said he was baffled and that I should take to to a GM service shop.

I seem to have missed the majority of problems, but now at 107000 miles I am planning to get rid of it. Trade in value is so low I am not even going to fix it. I won't be buying another GM either.

18th Sep 2008, 09:19

I can relate to all the comments. I will never buy a Buick again because this 02 Rendezvous has been a nightmare, and I just keep sinking money into it. I can't unload it because I'm upside down now in what I owe and what it's worth. Because of all the thousands that I have put into it, I can't even save enough to pay it off and get away from it. How is it that a manufacturer with such an obvious track record on a product can get away with this? It has been the single worse financial mistake I have ever made. I've made some service centers very profitable though.