13th Jul 2005, 02:00

I also have an 2002 cx model. Computer had been replaced 2x, dashboard lights malfuntioned, bearing, and front pads had also been replaced (all done under 45,000 kilometers. Fortunately, all done fixed under warranty. Now my air conditioner isn't working at all, not blowing cold air, and noticed compressor not turning at all. Most of you said your condenser had gone out, so this could be the culprit. Why are all these parts going bad under 50,000 kilometers? Now my warranty is over, first service done December 2001. WHat else can we do?


Winnipeg, Canada.

19th Jan 2006, 19:36

I bought a 2002 Buick CXL with 16000 KM. I have it for less than a Year and had to replace my transmission. Luckily my extended warranty covered the replacment but the warranty which was to 180 000 Km allowed the use of used parts for replacement. This resulted in 3 used transmission and finally a fourth brand new transmission which if you can believe it was defective from the factory. So Transmission #5. I have recently got my Air Conditioning fixed and I am unsure at this time if if hold out since it was done at the end of the summer. Hopefully all will be well.

19th Mar 2006, 10:56

I have Rendezvous 2003. On 58000 km I have just replaced the front tires, bearings and steering wheel bearing. Now I have problems with the front door hinges.

After reading all these bad reviews, I will certainly return this car after the lease period is over.


Ontario, Canada.

7th Apr 2006, 13:47

We own a 2002 Buick Rendezvous and are getting ready to shell out $900 to have a new A/C condenser put in. It seems to be a problem for many owners. Just thought I'd let you all know!

Albany, Ohio.

8th Apr 2006, 01:46

I just purchased a 2002 Buick Rendezvous CXL AWD on March 13, 2006. My vehicle's air conditioner went out April 2, 2006 and it's been overheating. I took it to a mechanic and come to find out that my condenser is cracked. I was informed it's going to be a $1500.00 repair. What a piece of junk I just purchased.

Houston, Texas.

25th Apr 2006, 19:21

Our 2002 Started with a puddle on the garage floor. It was from coolant - a bad head gasket at 41,000 miles. Four months later another puddle - the AC condenser had "the crack" at 44,000 miles. This repair was a 950$ out of pocket expense. Now we are looking at a brake job with 47,000 miles. If we weren't so poor I would think about replacing the car. I was never realy impressed with it. Minor stuff like the rubber moulding around the windshield was pulling off, and the back window wiper bearly makes contact. We own the CX model with the bells and whistles that made it affordable. With the family getting smaller it is a good size for the wife and I. We took it on vacation and it averaged 25 miles to the gallon at 70 - 80 mph. Sill, this is what she wanted and this is what she got.

18th May 2006, 13:14

I have sold vehicles for 12 years and bought a 2002 rendezvous CXL for my wife.. Where do I start. Intake Manifold Gasket replaced, Wheel bearing both twice, ABS sensor, New Exhaust @ 80k miles, New Brakes and they still squeal, new axle, new struts and strut mounts, new ball joint and now I need to get rid of a popping noise up front left, This is the poorest excuse for a vehicle I have ever encountered, I no longer sell these vehicles or buy them to re sell.

25th May 2006, 19:44

Hi- I wish I had done my research before we bought a 2002 Buick Rendezvous. We fell in love with the room & all the bells & whistles. The ride is wonderful. Of course the dealer told us that "he'd look after us". Ha---he meant until we took it off the lot. We bought it in Jan/06 & did put extended warranty on it. Thank goodness- I think we will need it. Within days the latch on the console broke. No big deal- we ordered another from GM- cost about $20. Then we started having problems getting it restarted after filling the gas tank, or parking on an incline, or after a few starts & stops. It's been getting progressively worse & of course the dealer is no help. Now, the warm weather is finally here- no A/C. This car is unreal & the dealer more so. It looks like it's going to cost a fortune if we can even figure out the problem with the starting. GM claims to know nothing about this problem yet I've seem several chat rooms where thousands of owners have the same problem. Is there anyone out there in autoland that has successfully fixed the problem? Could you please share your expertise? Thanks so much- Lorrie.

26th May 2006, 11:24

I too purchased a 2002 CXL model. Since purchasing in October the car has had several "not starting" episodes. We have had to call tow trucks several times to take it to the garages, but when the tow truck gets there the car starts... Is there anyone who knows what might be going on here?

30th May 2006, 09:20

I own a 2002 Rendezvous and have been happy until... Vehicle has been well maintained by dealer and now at 60,000, awd unit replaced, condenser cracked, periodic problems of "no Start" after parking, being unable to turn off radio, lights etc.. Finally learned to disconnect battery to reset bcm.

30th May 2006, 20:27

2002 Buick Rendezvous CXL

Purchased vehicle from dealer in Florida April, 2006. Drove car home to Wisconsin, let it sit for 4 days, and discovered a puddle of coolant on floor. Needed to replace the Intake manifold gasket at $500. Having issues with the vehicle going into a Security fault, with no radio, interior lights, electric windows, nothing electronic works. Was able to resolve about 6 times by disconnecting battery. Dealer reset once at $85. Now will not re-set. A/C is not working now either. Need help. is anyone having the security issue?

9th Jun 2006, 07:44

I bought the 2002 Rendezvous CX new. At only 29,000 miles, I had to replace 4 tires, brakes, rotors and my AC condenser. I am out a lot of money and I fear that things are only going to get worse. I'm thinking I should sell this car NOW to avoid additional money and headaches. I wish there was something that we could do for GM to recognize these issues and prevent future Rendezvous owners these problems.

Rhode Island.

12th Jun 2006, 09:46

2002 CX:

Was basically given this model about 1 year ago. I thought the problems I had were from the previous (1) owner. Now I am wondering about that. I've replaced transmission, head gasket leaking fluid into engine oil, frame alignment (rear tires balding), dash lamps don't work, etc. Now the "Service Traction Control System" light comes and and the ABS system kicks in as I turn corners and brake. I'm done with this car and only hope it sells...

15th Jun 2006, 03:09

We purchased a 2003 with 34,000 miles on it. About 40 days later I heard popping noises. I went and had my tires rotated, and had them check the brakes, they said everything was fine.

Later that day, I heard another pop and then again that night as I was backing out of a parking stall. As I went to drive forward, it was tough to turn the steering wheel I had lost all steering.

To make a long story short, the tech said that the steering gearbox not only was broke, it was shattered and he had never seen anything like it, so I must have hit a curb or something. I had assured him that I had not and he said well you must have hit a pothole or something, again I said no.

He said that I had damage to my tires, so I looked at them. All that was on there were little scratches from rotating them earlier, so I told him that he was looking at the wrong tires, and he got mad and said that I had to have hit a curb or a pothole. I told him that had I hit either one of those, it had to be sooooo small that I didn't feel it. Even had I hit a medium sized pothole, ARE THE GEARS MADE OF PLASTIC?

I told him they we just lucky that I didn't have my kids in the car, driving them to school, which is normally what I do.

Also had heard somewhere that with some steering gearboxes some parts were manufactured too small or something like that. They finally fixed it after a big fight and ordering the wrong one.

Overall I'm not happy with a small pop that sounded like I ran over a rock, and then I had no steering. Thank god I wasn't in traffic with my kids.