22nd Dec 2010, 12:52

2006 Rendezvous with 55212 miles. Front wheel bearings assemblies need replaced (3 days before Christmas). Cost will be about $350 each.

Buick said it wasn't covered. The local dealership said the warranty expired two months ago and the Chevy dealership we bought it from said it was "probably" covered.

I am disappointed in this vehicle.

21st Jun 2011, 21:37

I love my Buick Rendezvous. It's one of the most comfortable vehicles I have ever owned.

Unfortunately, it does have issues with the battery continuing to die. The dealership has had it on the machine twice and both times the only thing that came up was to replace the battery. No one seems to know what is draining the battery.

May be trading it in for something else if things don't change quickly!

29th Apr 2013, 15:54

I have a 2006 Rendezvous, and that happened to me. Your computer needs to be reset. I had that done and I haven't had that problem since. If you have disconnected your battery for any reason, it has to sit for a minute to reset.

25th Feb 2015, 19:15

My dash lights go on and off all the time. What can I do?

24th Jul 2015, 21:45

Definitely, we need GM to take some sort of credible action. I've had and still have issues with overheating.

9th Sep 2015, 21:41

The plug that comes out of the front hub assembly has a wire attached to it. The constant turning of the wheel wears the wire attached to it over time. This is a cheap fix that any one can do. Amazon sells this part. It is an ABS harness part 970-040. Once you see it, you'll figure out how to splice it in. You need one for each front side. This will stop the ABS traction control lights that greet you at start up.

16th Feb 2016, 18:52

Did you ever find the issue? My daughter's 2002 Rendezvous is having the same issue and I am going to try to fix it for her. Any insight you can share?

23rd Feb 2016, 20:37

2002 Buick Rendezvous.

The car is stopping working in the road and the scanner is reading U1016 lost communication engine control system (ECU).

Please help!!! Dealer recall. tarinmarlovi@gmail.com

22nd May 2016, 20:05

Add me too. I love this car and it was a workhorse for me. I can't keep up with wheel bearings, starters, even the rack and pinion blew out, no AWD, alarm goes off randomly, battery, alternator, transmission sucks (hard shifts) leaks oil and fluids (transmission) near radiator.

I'm not a drug dealer, so I can't afford the upkeep.

Stereo rocks, rides smooth, is comfortable.

Now the rear bearings and the rear bushings are toast. Struts are like 2x4s.

Does GM know all this? It's not just me. I think they are aware that out of warranty, it's going to generate huge reparation fees for them from using substandard cheap parts and basically doubling their GM income to save their fledgling company. It only has a hundred 7 thousand miles.

28th May 2016, 09:44

Buy a Ford Edge; we have two of them. One has 188,000 miles. The other 144.000 miles. I like 2010 or earlier before the My Touch came out.

Have had one battery replaced, tires, brake fluid changes. Suspension is great. The higher mile one had recent suspension work and shocks. The other is still original. Average 21-22 MPG. Paint quality could be better, but mechanically they go and go every day. Just a vehicle to consider if you like crossovers.

28th Feb 2017, 20:17

Had every problem listed with our Rendezvous... just horrible... if you're thinking about buying one, don't, if you have one, I'd start looking for a different car and just give the Rendezvous to someone who doesn't have a car; it's the only way this vehicle will ever get an ounce of appreciation!!! Very disappointing for a Buick!