25th Jun 2009, 22:14

Add me to the list, I have a 2002 CXL, the engine light has been on for a while. The drivers side window is broke, the transmission is starting to go. The ball joints or something is starting to go. 113,000 on it now. Did a coolant flush, and run full synthetic.

25th Jun 2009, 22:17

Also my fuel pump module is bad, so the gas gauge isn't working.

11th Aug 2009, 13:11

We bought our 2002 Buick Rendezvous used when it was only about 2 years old.

From the moment we drove it off the lot, it had problems. When we would stop for gas, it wouldn't start back up or it would just stall..

When we took it to the dealership, they ran codes and said we needed a new starter.

It happened again. We took it back to the dealer. They said we needed an ignition switch.

It happened again. We took it back to the dealer and they said it was the battery.

We moved from that state and continued to have problems. A friend of ours replaced the wires to the battery. We had the battery changed two more times over the next two years and the alternator was replaced. There were several other repairs done.

A couple of weeks ago we took it on vacation and an hour into the trip it stalled. It took us a few minutes to get started. A few minutes later, the battery light started blinking and the car began to ding. We pulled over but didn't dare turn off the car. When we realized it wasn't going to stop, we continued on our way and further down the road the security light was blinking, then the service vehicle soon light. Then next couple days we saw the check engine light, the high beam light blinking on and off, the air conditioner doesn't work and the vehicle starts to overheat when in traffic.

I do not want to fix it again. It is such a lemon. I just paid it off though and would hate to just throw it away (especially with all the money I put into it). Half the time the mechanics can't find anything wrong with it. This vehicle is a piece of junk!!!

17th Aug 2009, 22:26

I bought a 2002 RDV new. It has been an expensive lesson. I absolutely loved the car when it was working, but had pretty much the same set of troubles that are common on this site: wheel bearings, manifold gasket, head gasket to name a few. But the one that really gets me is the BCM. That is the computer that controls things like the lights, door locks, horn. That thing going bad is what causes the car to be "possessed" as described in the other posts.

I am in the electronics business and used to work with a person who said she had previously worked at the vendor that made that part; that there was a problem with the way the metal contacts were attached to the silicon chip; she even claimed to have done the failure analysis work on it. Yet despite that, and despite all the anecdotal supporting evidence, GM refused to admit there was a known issue with the part or mitigate the replacement cost in any way.

First model year? Aggressive design? Problems are to be expected. The test is how the manufacturer supports the "early adopters" and stands behind its product. GM failed the test miserably with this car.

Had they acted responsibly, I probably would have bought another GM car. But I will absolutely never, ever, ever, again. Just like I told them on the phone.

I am out one car, they are probably going to be out of business.

Anyway, I still have my 1996 Honda Accord which runs like a champ.

29th Oct 2009, 10:28

I just bought a 2002 Rendezvous from a friend that was moving to Florida. It looked like a new vehicle all around. It is now in the shop for an A/C condenser compressor and what else, I am scared to ask!

I would love to be involved in a class action lawsuit. All aboard. rascaldog99@hotmail.com

31st Oct 2009, 16:43

We too bought a 2002 CXL. Same deal, replaced wheel bearings, noise in back when turning, new rotors, head gasket issue that we had the dealer take care off as it was a faulty cap! Brake problems, driver window side issues, makes whistling noise when on highway due to door not sealing properly!

Now, the security system is wigging out! The stupid car alarm keeps going off for no reason!

What a lemon! We bought it new and have over 100,000, but will never buy a GM car again!!

1st Nov 2009, 19:05

"What a lemon! We bought it new and have over 100,000, but will never buy a GM car again!!"

I see this all too often. Domestic fans go on and on about how GM sales are reaching all time highs, yet we still have boatloads of people who are fed up with them.

10th Jan 2010, 11:44

I found a product at Advanced Auto that cost about 32 buck for the quart for the radiator that was some kind of "Mechanic in a Bottle". If you are out of warranty, my advice is to flush out that nasty Dex-Cool anti-freeze, which eats head gaskets, and put in the nice green Prestone instead. I too shelled out over $1500 for a intake manifold gasket problem, ant 2 years later was looking at another 2 grand repair for same problem.

Fixed with radiator stuff mentioned above, and flush and filled myself (in February in Illinois, lucky for me it was about 40 degree's outside that day).

At 155 K miles, I'm happy to say I am only on my 3rd set of tires, just bought 3 month's ago, and I do my own brakes so I have not had any problems there. I am now however, having the battery light flashing on, then off on me, usually proceeded by the head lights dimming and such, and it has not been that long ago that I had the alternator and the battery replaced! (Boobs at dealership initially mis-diagnosed a problem, and replaced battery before discovering it was the BCM that was bad). Shortly after that, the alternator also needed replaced, which as mentioned somewhere else in this blog, requires tipping the engine or something crazy like that. I would change an alternator myself, but after the mechanic pointed out to me where the thing is, I said forget it, you guys go ahead and do it.

29th Jan 2010, 13:26

So I'm another sucker on an 06 Rendezvous. Thought it got better gas mileage & like the 3rd row. It's a piece of crap. Constant problems with the starter, & now the transmission is shifting like crazy. I have no much negative equity, that I don't know what to do. I'm pregnant with 2 young kids already. It's not safe to drive, & it makes a noise when turning like an old man snoring. UUGH... I hate this vehicle & don't have the $$ to get it fixed right now, but might just see about getting it repoed & starting over with another newer vehicle. VA.

2nd Feb 2010, 23:02

Add me to the list, I have a 2003 Buick Rendezvous with a 137,000 miles, the transmission is starting to go.