2002 Buick Rendezvous CXL 3.4L gasoline from North America


I like it, but would not buy another


Rear wheel bearing at 115,000km; front wheel bearing at 150,000km. Alternator at 155,000km.

General Comments:

The good: The creature comforts are top notch. The stereo is good, the seats are comfortable, and options such as the Homelink garage door opener, rear backup sensor, and heads-up display, become necessities. Passing power is fine on the highway. The all-wheel-drive allows me to traverse steep snow-covered hills easily. Design of the console and front storage areas is excellent. Flipping the 3rd row seat up and down is a breeze. Headlights are great.

The bad: The roof rack is flimsy. Removal and reinstallation of the 2nd row captains seats is a nightmare; they are heavy, awkward, and difficult to fit through the rear doors. There is no handle on the rear hatch – you have to use the button on the dash or key fob. It suffers from the corroding aluminum hood common with this line from GM. The engine is getting noisy. I have replaced one front and one rear wheel bearing and an alternator. Front tire wear is excessive. I expect I’ll soon run into one or both of the infamous 3.4l manifold gasket leak or body control module failure. Gas mileage is poor. All the paint has since chipped off the stereo controls. Seat trim, and adjustment knobs and buttons have fallen off.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2005

8th Oct 2007, 12:58

Thanks for the posting to let us know what is wrong with our Rendezvous. I have a 2002 and have already fixed the manifold and now the BCM is going. I am worried about the rest and what to do with it. There is no trade in value and would hate to just pass this on to somebody else.

24th Jan 2010, 12:09

Sad owner of 2002 Buick CXL Rendezvous.

Will never buy a Buick again. Very disappointed.

Bearings, struts, shocks, 3 sets of tires in 60000, worn controls, air replaced, manifold gasket, steering.

What a lemon.

2002 Buick Rendezvous cx from North America


I bought my car for the size


My head gasket blew at 43,000 miles. There has already been a recall for the rear liftgate.

And a recall on the driver side airbags.

General Comments:

I am not pleased at the fact my head gasket blew at 43,000 miles. There has already been a recall for the rear lift-gate as well as the driver side airbags. I have been a faithful buyer and will continue to buy ford automobiles. The only regret is not purchasing the extended warranty. It appears if I am already having problems at 43,000 miles what am in store for.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2005

2002 Buick Rendezvous CX 3.4 from North America


Not another Buick RDV


Why does this vehicle not want to start? What is the solution? Everyone including Buick knows about the CX stalling and or not starting for no reason. What is the cure for this? What about a recall? Help!!

General Comments:

I just can't trust this Buick. It has been a failure.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2005

9th Jun 2005, 07:48

Did you find anything out about the starting problem? I have the same problem with a 2002 B.R. CX. The dealer can't fix it.

2002 Buick Rendezvous CXL from North America


For the price it needs to be more reliable


2002 Buick Rendezvous CXL.

For 2 years we kept hearing a clicking noise and had the automatic level pump checked. Finally it went out at 50,00 miles, but the dealer replaced under warranty because we had it worked on twice before. When it came back from this service the AC was not working. Returning to the dealer with in 2 weeks, (hoping that they had accidentally disconnected something and this would be a minor problem) we were told the condenser was cracked and needed to be replaced at a cost of $650. I have owned quite a few cars over the last 30 years and never had a condenser crack. This was a $34000 vehicle and a condenser cracks in under 3 years. There is something wrong and perhaps consumers should be asking for a recall.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2005

12th May 2005, 09:26

I too have a cracked condenser and just paid 984.00 for the repair. Someone indicated that there is a design flaw causing the problem. If that could be verified we might have some recourse with GM.

3rd Jun 2005, 07:35

I purchased a 2003 Rendezvous. I have been very loyal with the recommended service, and started having severe problems at around 60,000. First I got water in the wiring harness which corroded all my wires. I was charged over $300.My research shows this is a common problem. I still have electrical issues, but cannot get Buick to fix my car. I have replaced the wheel bearings twice and the tie rods need to be replaced, but I don't have the money. Now my transmission is slipping. My research shows that Buick is aware of all these very common problems, but until enough people complain nothing will get done. Now they want me to go into another Buick as a way to solve my issues! I don't want another lemon. I am looking to file a civil complaint and would appreciate any data anyone can offer about their experience with this product.