2002 Buick Rendezvous CXL GUTLESS 6 cylinder from North America


My first and last Buick


Replaced the intake manifold gasket while under warranty. Lucky for me.

Replaced ignition switch after my wife lost all power and lights driving down the expressway. Fortunately I had purchased an extended warranty when I bought the car.

New tires already.

New battery.

General Comments:

Car is very underpowered. Cannot accelerate without changing down to a lower gear.

The gray/green instruments are impossible to read except in optimum conditions.

Road noise is terrible, as other reviewers have noted.

Comfortable ride; car has all the bells and whistles. The rear proximity indicator is very nice. My wife and kids feel safe in the car.

The dealer here treated my wife so badly when she took the car in for regular service that she no longer will get near that place.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2005

18th Oct 2005, 01:28

Your dealer sounds horrifying. But don't let this model chase you away from Buick. I have a 93 Riviera. It has 156k miles on it and it still runs like new, at 154k, I took it on a road trip to California (about 2,000 miles) not one problem, evne through floods, blizzards, and desert. Buick DOES make excellent cars. Maybe not the Rendezvous. But then again, it is a newer model, therefore, buggier than hell, not to mention, the whole vehicle is an attempt to attract a new market, a gimmick.

2002 Buick Rendezvous CX from North America


Buyer beware


Well, the wiring in the stereo was off after picking the car up. They had to open the steering wheel twice to correct it.

Now, a year later, I'm having similar problems. When I click the button on the steering wheel to turn down the stereo, it changes the radio over to cassette player. Occasionally it works properly.

My air conditioner died last week. My warranty is expired (I'm 9000 over it and it's only been 2.5 years). I don't see how it could "die" on me. I take good care of my car and it's not abused.

The finishes on the stereo buttons wear off quickly - like they show wear within the first month or so. Also, if you use the knobs on the stereo, and balance your hand on the edge of the knob, your fingers leave marks on the stereo that doesn't come off.

General Comments:

I love my vehicle, but would need to see improvements and fixes by Buick before I'll step foot into another Buick showroom.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2004

31st Mar 2005, 09:29

I just purchased the 2002 CX not even more than 2 weeks ago and I'm having major problems-intake gasket, park aid failure, and a "clanking" noise that no seems to be able to figure out... go figure?? I'm trading this vehicle in ASAP...oh, and it won't be a Buick!

13th Aug 2005, 09:32

2002 buick Rendezvous, I had one, but have traded it in because of the MAJOR problems it had. Since I purchased it New off the lot, the wheel bearings needed replaced just 5 months into owning it, then I had to wait for a few months before the dealer could get the bearings, thus causing un-even wear and tear on the tires that I had to replace due to the tread being worn down. It appears that other Rendezvous were having the same problems, then my Air Condenser had to be replaced, as well as my stereo that was full of 6 Cd's that I have not got back. And to My surprise, the wheel bearings and tires needed to be replaced again in less than 2 years, by the time 3 years came around and another set of tires and wheel bearings I decided enough is enough and went to a FORD Explorer, I am glad to report I have not had ANY problems with a FORD.