13th Dec 2007, 18:16

I just purchased a 2002 RDVZ 2 months ago for my wife for $9,000. It had 60,000 miles. Luckily the condenser problem was just fixed as well as a wheel bearing. Now the vehicle's dash lights, headlights, and door locks are turning on and off constantly. I read that a few others had this problem as well. Could someone tell me what the problem was? It doesn't start happening until the vehicle is warmed up. I'm guessing the computer board is bad. Count me in for a class action lawsuit. cmstay@hotmail.com.

22nd Dec 2007, 09:37

Ah the Buick Rendezvous... I have a 2002 CXL that just turned 165,000 miles. Bought it with 8,000 miles on it in 2003.

Wheel bearings and tie rods replaced several times.

Head gasket replaced.

On 5th set of tires.

The noise you hear when you turn is fixable. My GM dealer flushed and replaced fluid at 60,000 and it went away. Back again.

Just replaced the tires yesterday hoping that was the reason for rear end howl. I was wrong. Can't wait to take it in to see how much that fix will be.

In the big picture with all these miles I am probably luckier than most, but my experience is keeping me away from another GM product because I think GM made a below average product from day one. GM may be getting awards, but their cars still depreciate faster than foreign cars.

30th Dec 2007, 10:57

Bought my Rendezvous new in 2002. Currently have 105,000 miles. I also have had just about all the same problems as everyone else. The saddest part to me is that I'm a buy American kind of guy and GM knows about all the problems and absolutely refuses to recall or help out. While I'll never buy GM again, I won't go Toyota either. I've always had pretty good luck with Ford's. I plan to just drive it until it dies. I (unlike GM) couldn't live with myself knowing I dumped this piece of crap on some other person.

10th Jan 2008, 19:15

We own a 2002 Buick Rendezvous, and until recently, had loved everything about it. I was alone on an 8 hour drive, pregnant, stuck in bumper to bumper traffic when the dashboard lights and controls would go haywire, the headlights/interior lights flashed on and off, door locks locked and unlocked continuously, the radio would go on and off, and the horn would blow... I swore the vehicle was possessed. We were able to "remedy" the problem by unhooking the battery a few times, but then, even that failed to work. The vehicle would go into "security" mode and nothing electronic would work. We took it in to the dealership and was told that it was a corrosion problem with the positive battery cable... at a cost of $400, that did not fix the problem. We received a call from the dealership notifying us that the Body Control Module needed to be replaced. Thanks to the lack of communication between the technician and the manager, our cost was cut down to parts, still $560. At this time, it seems to be fixed. But that's not the only problem...we're still facing problems with the air conditioner. This was supposed to be our "family car." I'm not so sure I want to put a car-seat in it.

10th Jan 2008, 20:20

2002 CXL model, which my wife and I purchased in 2005 with the extended warranty. wWe paid extra for 3 sets of tires.

Tie rods replaced.

2 sets of brakes.

3 sets of tires.

New fuel pump.

ODC sensor still needs to be fixed.

Car won't start due to the electrical problems.

Faulty security system.

A/C unit not cool enough to cool the 3rd row.

And car always on the verge of overheating when sitting in traffic.

New battery.

Too much money spent on repairs for a company not to recognize or look into this!

P.S heated seats work great!!!


16th Jan 2008, 19:51

2002 Rendezvous CXL Our experience with this vehicle has been very poor – wheel bearings that failed on 3 different wheels only 1 of which GM covered well after the fact, air conditioning condenser, head gasket that went at 55,000 km repaired under warrany, power window motors, 3 complete sets of brakes and most recently, at 175,000 the head gasket failed again which cost $2,300 dollars to repair. I called GM to inquire if they would offer any relief for repair of a known design fault in the vehicle- the answer was no I had passed the magic mileage number. The first warranty head job replaced only 1 head gasket with the old style gasket. Nice surprise. Dealer also found out 4th gear in the transmission has also failed and if it requires replacement I will be adding 3,500 dollars to the list.

I asked my dealer what the trade in value of the vehicle is and was not surprised to find that even at a GM dealer that value is non-existent for that particular model in recognition of its reliability problems.

So not only has this car been an unreliable and expensive choice, it has left us in the end with no real residual value. Now ask me why I would have any reluctance to buy GM again. I can understand a bad model year, 2002 Buick rendezvous was new, there were some bugs. The problem is that I had to fight and scrape every time these things happen to get any accountability out of GM when these failures are known to be problematic. It is obvious I am not alone in this experience. As a consumer I will be voting with my next purchase – not hard to guess what it won't be. And don’t forget the 6 degrees of separation – I am more than 1 customer that will be lost. GM Market share down this year? Anyone at GM Wonder why? They shouldn’t.

18th Jan 2008, 12:47

2002 CXL Rendezvous. Paid $35,000... Has been nothing, but trouble. Head Gasket twice. Wheel bearings shot twice. Now something is draining the battery and we can't figure out what. I'm soooo disgusted. Still owe a lot on it and the dealer (who said they hold their value) wanted to give us $4000. Between warranty and out of pocket, I bet we've had close to $15,000 worth of repairs. Stay far far away. Just waiting to dump it.

7th Feb 2008, 09:26

I too have had a million problems with my 2002 rendezvous cxl in the last year alone.

I have replaced: 3 wheel bearings (two front, one rear), the driver's side window (it fell into the door), the battery, and all four tires.

Now I am hearing a squeaking from the engine or possibly the timing belt/chain or maybe even steering.

I did not get the extended warranty and have been kicking myself ever since. I have been paying everything out of pocket and as much as I love the other features, this car is a money pit.

I will be getting a new car in two years, after I've paid it off and I am sad to say I don't think I feel I can trust a Buick again. I am very disappointed. :- (

9th Feb 2008, 22:51

01/05 I bought a 2002 Buick Rendezvous with 42,000 miles. Thank goodness for an extended warranty and a decent dealer. It cost $15,250 plus $1300 interest and $3500 for warranty, repairs, and co-pays. I owe slightly less than $6000 with it just out of warranty 01/08 at 87,000 miles. Still like the little lemon; but, soooo tired of problems. Immediately noticed battery light staying on while driving, draining the battery. I drive mostly after hours so have only been able to bring it in to dealer a few times with light still on. No codes are shown when I take it in, so dealership cannot duplicate. This continues to this day without resolution. Previous owner had no troubles I can find in her repair history. Routine maintenance replaced thermostat, air filter, fuel filter, resealed intake manifold, aligned wheels, and flushed cooling system. Here’s my experience:

06/05 Injectors cleaned. Oil and filter change with lube. Told them again of battery light problem—could not duplicate. Cost me $132.38.

09/05 Replaced front hub and wheel bearing assembly, corroded battery cable, fuel filter, and passenger side air filter. Rotated and balanced tires. Battery light staying on—could not duplicate. Cost $932.83. Cost me $260.

07/06 Noise up front—told me to replace rear differential fluid. Will get husband to do that. They only replaced fuel filter and aligned tires. Cost me $182.38.

09/06 Replaced BCM. Noise up front when turning and accelerating, ABS and battery light staying on—could not duplicate. Cost $362.54. Cost me $100 co-pay.

10/06 Would not start, had to be towed. Replaced battery and reconnected wiper diode control. Dealership said battery tray was broken. Mechanic used plastic ties to secure without explaining to me. (This caused problem later.) Battery light staying on—could not duplicate. Noise from brakes and up front. Unable to duplicate. Cost me $116.84.

03/07 Replaced thermostat, right front hub and bearing assembly. Replaced both cylinder head gaskets as they were leaking coolant and reservoir was empty while radiator was an inch low. Aligned tires. ABS, AWD Disabled lights on. Dash lights dimming or disappearing and battery light staying on—could not duplicate. No power on acceleration. Getting 13-15 MPG. Cost $1381.84. Cost me $318.

07/07 Replaced brakes. Husband performed labor so cost was less than $100. Noise in rear and battery light staying on—could not duplicate.

08/07 Battery light staying on and dash lights dimming or disappearing—could not duplicate. Replaced cluster. Cost $243.91. Cost me $100.

09/07 Dash lights dimming or disappearing and battery light staying on—could not duplicate. Ordered cluster. No cost.

10/07 Would not start—had to be towed. Said it was a loose battery cable. Replaced cluster, again. Cost me $40.

10/07 Would not start—had to be towed. Said it was the broken battery tray from before. They were only ones in there so I think they broke tray by tightening battery in too tightly. Replacement cost me $73.07.

10/07 Replaced battery. Dash lights dimming or disappearing and battery light staying on—could not duplicate. Loss of communication between BCM and PCM.

11/07 Replaced alternator. Alternator was putting out 19.5 volts instead of 12. Burning out other components from too much voltage. Dash lights dimming or disappearing and battery lights staying on—could not duplicate. Cost $425.45. Cost me $100.

12/07 Driver and passenger side seat heaters, driver’s window, radio display, AC display, turn signal and other dash lights blown out. Dash lights dimming or disappearing and battery light staying on—could not duplicate. Ordered parts. I asked to talk to Buick rep because she refused to allow me to purchase another extended warranty. Was told I could not call her myself. I called the dealership owner who gave me a 30-day courtesy warranty extension past the 1/04/08 deadline.

01//04/08 Replaced driver’s door window regulator, both seat heaters, radio, AC control head and switch panel board, passenger side turn signal/brake lamp and side-view mirror. Heater not working correctly—could not duplicate. Cost $1549.58. Cost me $100.

01/23/08 Check engine light came on. Left SUV at dealership so they could check it. They gave me a loaner for a week before tearing into engine. Dash lights dimming or disappearing and battery light staying on—could not duplicate.

02/08 Dealership finally looked inside engine. No compression in three cylinders and metal shards moving around. They called GM, who said they would replace with new engine instead of rebuilding because the damage was so severe. This was to be done as a courtesy. I hope to have vehicle back sometime next week.

I’d love to know how to use the lemon law or join a class action lawsuit. Contact me at stachia.knorr@gmail.com.