18th Feb 2008, 19:38

Get rid of this vehicle if you own it! I was given a 2002 CXL with 15,000 miles on it 3 years ago by my parents. Since then, I have easily put $7000 worth of repairs into it.

Wheel bearings over and over again, my spare tire was stuck in, windshield cracked for no reason, trunk latch broke, both rear knuckles, rotors, brakes, and last, but certainly not least, the intake manifold gasket.

At 37,000 miles, I finally surrendered. The dealership gave me 6500 for it, and are trying to resell the lemon for 9500. The problems won't stop, so stop putting money into it!

27th Feb 2008, 13:45

I traded my 02 Rendezvous in recently and I have never been happier. We got practically nothing for it, but compared to what I would have to pay to keep it, it was a bargain. I can only hope that by writing in these forums, Rendezvous owners can keep other unsuspecting folks from buying this car.

2nd Mar 2008, 12:58

Shame on GM!

We thought we would "treat" ourselves to a "nice" car... but instead, we ended up pouring our life savings into this vehicle.

All the problems listed above: ABS, new wiring, head gaskets, lower intake gaskets, bearings, rods, driver window motor, AC, etc...etc! (I just keep hearing "sorry, out of warranty"). I can understand basic repairs, but these are just bad design flaws... and even their diagnostic software isn't reading the problems.

Because of this car and it's cost...I've denied my family of many things, not to understate the inconvenience of running it to the repair shop once a month for the past two years.

My only hope is that I get a few dollars in trade-in value and swallow the loss.

If anyone has a solution for recouping some of my loss, please email me. vidclip54@yahoo.

GM, you've set me back so far financially, I'll never break even! BE REPUTABLE AND STAND BEHIND YOUR PRODUCT!

Sincerely, still in the hole $8 grand plus repairs.

15th Mar 2008, 14:07

I also have a 2002 Buick Rendezvous, bought it used with an extended warranty, did not want to purchase another van, so this vehicle fit the family needs. My sister also has one that she purchased brand new.

While the vehicle was still under warranty, I had it in the shop numerous times. Hubs were replaced, still did not stop the AWD Disable light from coming on. Head gasket replaced also.

Just when my warranty was almost gone, the A/C went, had to fight to make them cover that- they finally did. Then my sister's A/C went in her car, she had to pay out of pocket. Asked the dealer if there were any defects with the A/C and was informed no, that a rock could easily crack the unit. 2 Cars with the same mileage around 50k and the A/C goes on both, strange.

Then had the same issue after my warranty expired with AWD Disable light and Anti-lock Brake light coming on. Was told I needed new brakes, got new brakes, lights still came on.

After numerous trips to a mechanic's place, I was told a sensor in the wheel hub had gone and then the same thing goes on my sister's car.

Then after a rainy day, I got into my car and noticed the floor by the emergency brake was wet, so now I have a leak. Then after my sister returned home from vacation, she asked me if it had rained while she was away as she has the same wet spot in her car!!

Now my car is making a loud noise when I drive; I think it is coming from the engine and I am afraid to take it in as I know it is going to cost me BIG!

I think GM needs to step up and do a major recall on this vehicle, before they get sued!

13th Apr 2008, 16:50

2002 Buick rendezvous CXL - really wanted to like this car but after a/c condensers, wheel bearings, 3 expensive brake jobs, intake manifold gasket, rear ball joints, overheat problem turning to 2,500$ head job and while they worked on that found no 4th gear, Repair for CXL $3,500-$4,200 dollars - problem well known as a common problem with this transmission until GM made an upgrade in later models. There is a clutch hub inside this trans for 4th gear and has a long hollow shaft with splines on one end, and lugs on the other end for 4th clutches to key into. The splines on the small end will turn razor sharp over time and eventually wear off. You can expect this to happen at around 100,000 miles. GM fixed this in later models by heat treating the splines.

Called GM - same old story - over warranty and considered normal wear and tear. No relief. If they told me that this would happen I would not have bought the car - producer responsibility - not likely. The math - car is currently worth 7k, I just spent 2,300 +3,700 for head and tranny. I sell for 7 net return 1,000 - bought 6 years ago for 42k - thanks GM- you will only do this to me once.

18th Apr 2008, 15:28

I also bought a 2002 Buick Rendezvous, at around 20k miles had to replace the AC as well as other items which cost me 1400. and recently, a week and half ago the car over heated on me & I had to have towed to the shop, where I was informed that the heat pump and both head gaskets needed replaced. I only have 83 k miles on this car and so far have had to spend almost 3000.00 out of pocket expenses. Not to mention the cost of a rental car, one that actually works. I think Buick should step up to the plate and recall the 2002 Rendezvous altogether. I know one other person that has one the same year, and has had to spend a lot of money on it too.

19th Apr 2008, 16:00

I am glad to have seen this site now. I guess it just sets me up for future problems that my Rendezvous will have. Right now I seem to be having issues with my electrical, the dashlights and radio go on an off while I'm driving down the road. It's very scary. I had some mechanics look at it and they are stumped. I guess I will have to take to the dealer, this sucks for me as a single mom on one income, the comments in here lead me to believe that I will pay over $1000 at least for repairs, not fun! My car has 105,000 miles on it and I have loved it until now. The a/c condensor was replaced last summer and of course 2mos later stopped working again, based on what I've read sounds like a bigger problem than the condensor. I agree if there is a suit count me in. Deebomb77@yahoo.com.

20th Apr 2008, 22:35

I was so excited to buy my first car, which was the 2002 Rendezvous. That was Friday. Today, Sunday 4-20-08. I am eagerly awaiting for the dealership to open to get rid of this P.O.S. I have been have weird electrical issues going on all weekend such as the seat adjusting itself while I was driving, the radio wacking out, and the ignition locking up. I had to call a tow after filling up the tank because the car would not start. I am not going to hesitate returning this car before I get stuck with it.