1989 Buick Riviera 3.8 from Denmark




The car needed a service when I bought it.

Brake discs and pads front and rear, and the usual service stuff.

The interior has some signs of wear; cracked door panels.

Several plastic parts have cracks, but considering the age and mileage, it's actually OK, it still looks awesome...

General Comments:

This car was imported, in 2006, from S.C.; there was no rust at all...

It's a cool looking car, one of the best looking cars from the eighties.

The ride is very smooth and quiet, and the handling is OK; far from a sports car, but predictable.

Seats and interior comfort is great; I love the touch screen.

I've bought this car for winter driving, but I totally fell in love with this car. Now I don't have the heart to put it thru salt and snow, so I have to find another ride for the winter.

The car doesn't indicate the high mileage. I'm very impressed with the overall quality.

If you ever get your hands on a car like this, don't hesitate; BUY IT!

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Review Date: 4th October, 2012

6th Oct 2012, 00:05

USA here... have owned a few Buick/Pontiacs, but never owned a Riviera; I should make it a point on my bucket list. Love the 89-93 body style, always made me turn my head in my youth. Enjoy it friend, long live your mighty Buick.

6th Oct 2012, 10:20

In my opinion, 1971-1973 Riv's were the best looking cars ever.

14th Oct 2012, 02:49

Thanks ;) I'll do everything I can to make it last...

14th Oct 2012, 02:58

I agree, but it's a different car from a different time. Maybe the '89 Rivieras are not true to the concept, but in the eighties, it did have contemporary qualities with a touch of nostalgia...

1989 Buick Riviera 3.8L V6 from North America


Wonderful machine; Cheap, fast, fun, luxurious. OH and comfy!


I bought this car with what seemed to be nothing wrong with it for $2500. Shortly after one of the pulleys broke; I think it was a dampener or something, I don't know.. but it sounded terrible.. like the car was gonna die. After I found out what it was, I went to a local junk yard and got one off another 3800 series for 5 dollars. Fixed it in a couple hours and it's as good as new.

Also the alternator went on me. 40 dollar easy fix.

Almost forgot.. some kids hit off my antenna. So that needs to be replaced sometime.

General Comments:

I love this car. And hoping to get a Reatta soon.

It drives nice, and glides right over bumps and dips. Sometimes it shifts funny, but it's not a big deal.. it only happens when you're in an odd situation and you accelerate too much.

But overall.. this car is amazing. Mine has a black exterior, red interior. Everything works and starts every time.

Anyway, overall this car is perfect, although it's not the greatest on gas. Mine gets about 13L per 100 km, which equals out to about 18 mpg. If anyone else gets better, let me know how I could get mine up too?

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Review Date: 4th August, 2009

1989 Buick Riviera 3.8 V6 from North America


A sci-fi headturner of a car


Touch screen unit CRT went out. I was still able to control everything, but I had to memorize where all of the buttons were.

Brake lines failed, but on a car with 200,000 miles, I can't say it was any fault of Buick's...

Automatic air-ride load-leveling suspension failed.

Fuel pump failed, which finally prompted me to send the ol' girl up the river.

General Comments:

I bought this car from a friend for $450 after I totalled my 1995 LeSabre and had no money to replace it. The car had been smashed before I bought it, and it had a lot of miles on it, but I needed a car, and it was a Buick. True to form, it was a great riding car, even after the air-ride suspension gave up, and the engine and transmission were bulletproof. The big problems stemmed from the fact that the car had nearly 200,000 miles on it when I bought it and had already been beaten into the ground, picked up, and beaten again. The all digital instrumentation and the touch-screen climate/radio/misc. controls were beyond futuristic for a 1989 car. I know that it could have truly been something special if it would have been in better condition, but I know that if I ever come across another Rivi' in good shape, I will have a very hard time walking away from it.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2006

29th Aug 2007, 10:25

Starting with the 1989 Riviera, the Touch Screen was no longer used or available as an option; - so obviously the car you are commenting on was earlier than 1989.

24th Feb 2008, 18:37

Actually I had a 89 buick riv n sold them new and the 89 was the first year for the nicer back fenders and the touch screen was only up too 89. I traded the 89 for a 91 because the cars were so goood. liked the 89 because of the screen.