7th Jun 2012, 15:37

I would have to agree with you. I had a 1992 Buick Park Avenue that I bought from the original owner in 2003 with 70,000 miles. That car was amazing in ride quality, comfort and reliability.

I ended up selling it and purchased my first, and not last, Lincoln Town Car. It was a 1999 Signature Series. I put 70,000 miles on my Lincoln and did nothing to it but oil changes. The ride was stiffer than the Park Ave, but was just as good. Bumps and pot holes are no match for a Town Car. My ex took it. I will own another one. A 03 or newer. I love the Lincoln symbol on the hood.

BTW, I am now 32 and have loved these big cars my entire life. I would also love a 98 or newer Park Ave as well. Nice Ultra... yeahhhhhhh :)

25th Oct 2012, 10:00

Hello, I am the original poster of this review, and I have some things to add. Last month I had the fuel pump and fuel sending unit replaced at a tune of $1200 for everything. It kept stalling on me when I came to a stop, so I had it towed to the local dealership and they fixed it. I still drive this car every day, and love it more and more everyday. I will own this car forever.

28th Oct 2012, 22:35

$1200 to replace a fuel pump?

Did they at least take you out to dinner first?

30th Oct 2012, 00:30

The fuel sending-unit is most likely located inside the tank. I assume the shop would have to drop the tank for this repair.

30th Oct 2012, 09:03

Yes, the fuel sending unit is inside the tank, just like 99.99% of all later model cars.

Yes, they would have had to drop the tank to replace it, but $1200 is way too much.

3rd Jan 2013, 14:34

UPDATE: At 121,000 miles, replaced the fuel pump and fuel sending unit for $1200.00.

Currently at 123,000 miles, and just replaced the EGR valve ($50.00) and alternator ($70.00).

I STILL LOVE THIS CAR! It rides so smooth! So powerful and just amazing!

Gas is awful, like 12-17 MPG, but who cares... it goes down the road as smooth as glass and extremely quiet... I will own this car forever :)

15th Jan 2017, 16:34

I'm curious: how do these beasts handle snow?

16th Jan 2017, 04:37

4 years with snows on in the winter, I never had an issue.