1992 Buick Roadmaster Base 5.7L V8 from North America


The best car money can buy!


Exhaust was rusted when purchased; replaced for $225.00.

Radiator was leaking; replaced for $150.00.

Nothing's gone wrong yet.

General Comments:

I LOVE THIS CAR!! I bought this 1992 Buick Roadmaster from an 85 year old gentleman, who bought it to drive from Maine to Florida, and was garaged everyday of its life. I purchased it with 115,000 miles (low for a 20 year old car), for $1700.00. It is a base, dark Red Maple Metallic outside and red leather inside. The leather is in PERFECT condition, and not one scratch or dent on the outside. You could eat off the original carpets inside, it is so clean. I wash and wax it about 2 times a week to keep it pristine. No rust anywhere on the car.

It floats down the road SSOOOOOO smooth and comfortable. The transmission shifts like silk. Braking is good for a car so big. Power is excellent. It's big, but step on the gas and she comes to life and away you go. Being rear wheel drive with lots of torque, I tend to spin the tires very easy. She goes down the highway 80-85 like nothing, just floating along. I LOVE the Dynaride in Buicks.

The seats are very comfortable. The truck is huge as well. The only fault with the car is the room for the passenger. I frequently have a gentleman that is 6'3", and his knees are hitting the dashboard and he has no room. That's the ONLY fault with the car. I'm 6'1" and there is ample room for him and I in the driver's seat, but for some reason Buick made the passenger compartment small. I don't sit over there, so I don't pay much mind to it.

I plan on having this car forever. The gas mileage is about 15-19 MPG, so I will hold onto my Prius for awhile, but I still drive my Buick every day. I find excuses to drive the car.

I have read reviews online that this car will last 300,000 miles, and I hope so. I will NEVER get rid of this car. I love my Roadmaster!!!

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Review Date: 4th June, 2012

6th Jun 2012, 18:01

I wish they still made cars like this. I am 27, and bought my first brand new car last year (a Buick Lucerne). I was SO disappointed with the car, I ended up only keeping it 10 months.

I am currently leasing a 2012 Enclave, which I like a lot better, but I still think I liked my old Park Avenue better. I wish I could have enjoyed more of the traditional American land yachts before they became extinct. One of these days I would like to get an old Park Avenue or Roadmaster, just to have as a second vehicle.

1992 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon 5.7L from North America


Ladies and Gents, I present the Greatest Car Ever Made


Insignificant stuff.

Battery terminal corrosion.

Some undercarriage rust (perfect body panels, though).


General Comments:

This is quite possibly the greatest car ever made.

They have a very long lifespan (200K miles isn't uncommon if they're well maintained) and offer certain things that no other passenger vehicle does. It can haul cargo, haul large numbers of people and they can tow (factory tow package is available).

This is a big, big wagon. Very big. The fuel economy isn't that bad, about what you'd expect from a truck, but it's just such a smooth ride. The big V8 purrs like a jet when going down the highway.

I suppose the most relevant thing I can point out is to simply look at the reviews of the Roadmaster Wagon here on Carsurvey. This car is *UNIVERSALLY* positively reviewed. I'm hard pressed to think of any other make or model that has such a bulletproof consumer feedback rating as this one.

Buick, why in the hell did you discontinue this?

It was truly one of the greatest passenger cars ever built.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2011

28th Jun 2011, 19:20

Sadly GM quit making these and the other B-Bodies, because cars like this just don't sell anymore. Even in the mid-nineties when these cars were around, they didn't sell well. I'm sure they would do even worse today. I guess we have the intelligence of the American people to thank for the cars we have to drive today. The average citizen would rather drive a Camry or Accord, than a comfortable attractive car that was produced here in the U.S.