1992 Buick Roadmaster limited 5.7. V 8 from North America


Junk with style


My starter went at 176,000.

Transmission went at 180,000.

About 15 breakdowns.

Fuel pump went at 185,000.

Just about everything electrical has burned up.

It runs absolutely horrible.

It only gets about 5 to 10 miles a gallon.

Leather interior is rags.

Total lemon.

General Comments:

I am 20 years old and I love my 1992 road master limited. it has given me a lot of trouble, but it is full size luxury. when I bought the car it was in mint conditon, smelled new and drove new had 172,000 miles on it and i only paid $1200,00 for it so I guess I knew what I was getting myself into. it was a beautiful, fast, awesome car for a month. it was very fast and handled better then my dads 1999 BMW 740il. it HAD power everything, gold plated decals, key less entry, grey leather seats with lumber controls, and then things started to fall apart, no matter how well I took care of it. when I bought it my friends were jelous, now they laugh at me. it is now a true junker, but I still love it because it used to be a awesome car. I've heard good things about these cars, but I guess mine is sadly one of the only exceptions. I guess I should have found one with lower miles.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2005

25th Jan 2005, 17:16

From "mint condition" to "junker" in less than two years?

Sad, so sad.

10th Jun 2005, 21:29

Where is your fuel pump located?

16th Jun 2005, 16:28

None of your business.

8th Dec 2006, 14:28

Not to insinuate anything, but it sounds like this car may have been the victim of abuse. Nothing unusual there, as new drivers (read 16-19 year-olds) are notoriously rough on their cars, usually believing that anything with an engine and four wheels is intended to be driven like a cross between an F1 racer and a Baja truck. That's the only reason I could think of why a mint condition car, presumably meticulously cared for by elderly owners, would turn to junk after just a year of teenage ownership.

26th Aug 2021, 17:30

I had mine replaced at about 170,000 miles before it became an issue. Yes, it's in the darn fuel tank... you have to drop the tank. So many are put in the tank now... I replaced the one in my old Chevy pick up truck. I did it myself and while I was at it I cut a hole in the pickup bed with a hinge... no problem now ahead. Second owner Roadmaster Estate Wagon.

1992 Buick Roadmaster 5.7 V8 from North America


I love this car and want a 96 model!


In tank fuel pump went bad two days after I bought it. Cost $500.00 to fix. Needed new steering control arms and front end alignment. The CD player doesn't work. $200 to fix, but an after market one would be cheaper.

General Comments:

This is the nicest car I have ever owned. The leather interior is very spacious and comfortable and looks great. It drives great and has plenty of power for all around use. I drove this car 3000 miles home after buying it in Arizona and would do it again. The dash is great with all the guages - oil pressure, temp, volts... its nice to be able to see that everything is working. The car gets about 19mpg around town and 25 on the highway. This is better than my last car, a 90 LeSabre with a 3.8l engine. Lots of room for six passengers, and super nice if only hauling around four people. Back seat has lots of room for even large people. The trunk is huge! The car looks nice for such a large car too. The main draw back on such a huge car, is finding a parking spot at Walmart! I plan on keeping this car for a long time and would buy a 96 (the last year GM made this model) if I find a good one. I paid $4000.00 for mine with 47,000 miles on it in 4-2004. It's a great car. Buy one if you get the chance!

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Review Date: 28th October, 2004

28th Oct 2004, 13:56

Have you seen the instrument panel of the '96 model?

It's like one from the '70's: speedometer, fuel and temp gauge, that's it.

GM upgraded the engine to the LT-1 in '94 but eiiminated the instrumentation.

19th Jan 2005, 21:46

Like they did in the Park Avenues.

I love my voltometer and my idiot lights in my 1992.