1992 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon from North America


You couldn't pay me to give up my wagon


Air conditioner had to be replaced and updated. This was a big nuisance, mainly because the dealer couldn't seem to figure out how to fix it.

Little electric problems with windows, turn signals, panel lights.

Usual maintenance of brakes, tires, etc.

At fifteen years of age, the wood grain trim on the plastic backing was peeling off.

Driver's seat is wearing badly, but the rest of the interior is pristine.

General Comments:

This is one great car. Before we got this one, we had a Chevy Caprice Station Wagon that was very similar. We drove it to nearly 200,000 miles, until the motor needed to be replaced, and decided that we'd buy another big wagon instead, though we really liked the Chevy, too. We knew we wanted one as like it as we could get. We also realized that a very surprising number of these old wagons are still on the road. We see them everywhere as we travel around the country -- and they are often states away from where the licenses indicate their home states are! People obviously trust their old wagons and enjoy traveling in them.

We bought our Buick wagon on E-bay, in New Hampshire, in the middle of the winter, and it has run like a champ. It is comfortable, can carry anything -- like big antique cabinets and whole garage sale merchandise -- and holds lots of people or grand kids. The gas mileage is excellent -- we astound people by comparing gas mileage with their vans and other vehicles, and we usually win! We've heard these big wagons referred to as land yachts, and we certainly sail down the highway in ours! We also drive through New England winters in our nice big heavy car. We intend to keep it until it becomes a true classic and go for antique plates -- but keep driving it.

We couldn't replace it with anything on the road today. Our wagon is sleek and trim looking -- everything now produced looks clunky and like an old truck. The electric seat allows it to be driven by my 6 ft., 1 in. husband and by me, at 5 ft. It's easy to get in and out of and to load. The little molded areas on the back sides are great for carrying plants or things you don't want to tip over.

People at rest areas who drive these wagons are beginning to talk to each other about their vehicles. It's like you are automatically friends -- or at least someone with the same good taste! Meeting other wagons on the road often means a wave or a flicking of lights. These wagons have their own fan club going!

The only thing that looked shabby on ours was the wood grain trim on the plastic strips around the wood grain panels -- and that only happened in the last year. We found a company called stripeman.com in Florida, which is apparently the only place you can still get the wood grain (GM discontinued it in 2002), and we just put the the new wood grain on. Our wagon looks like new!

Do you suppose Buick would make a 25-year anniversary model just like ours? It's the only thing that would tempt us to buy new. Unless they do, we'll just keep our wagon rolling!

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2007

14th Oct 2008, 21:08

I have a '93 Estate Wagon with 359,000 and still going strong. Original Motor and Tranny. Uses no oil. Only repairs have been tires, brakes, exhaust manifold gasket (4) times, water pump. Just replace a rusted out brake line. At this stage of the game the rust has taken over the spare tire cavity. The rear windows { I think they all do} leak somewhere and drain into the rear fender wells. My 95' (72,000) will have water in the rear side storage compartment when I take it through the car wash. Will be looking for a '93 Tan Estate wagon soon. The '95 will get 25 MPG on the road at 70 MPH. What a car!!!D. Krieg Dubuque, Iowa.

7th Dec 2008, 17:40

These big wagons are so enjoyable to drive. I've had a '94 that became the teenagers car. I do think there was some Duke & Luke Hazzard action going on as peculiar things had to be replaced. I gave this car to my mechanic who says that the car doesn't leak any fluids and has over 200k and still runs cold. I got a '95 Buick in 2002 and have driven this car from VA to ME, VA to MI and VA to SC many times per year. All is well with this vehicle except a funny squeak in the steering column and I've had to pull the fuse on the horn because it won't shut off... If anyone has had this trouble please advise.

In Oct, my husband surprised me with a '92 wagon with only 50k. So now I have the fleet back except this one has dashboard quirks. When the glove box is opened the "gate ajar light" comes on and the stereo resets to 12:00. If anyone has had this trouble please advise.

1992 Buick Roadmaster Limited 5.7 liter 350 from North America


The best car I have ever purchased; I wish I had two of them.


I had to put a water pump on it after I bought it.

Drivers side front seat has sufficient wear, but that is expected with leather.

I had to put an alternator on it at 100,000 miles.

General Comments:

The engine is highly efficient and under rated when it comes to horsepower. The only thing I have had to do is a tune up on it and regular maintenance.

Since the first time I saw a Roadmaster, I wanted one.

It is extremely reliable and handles the road very very well. I have taken numerous trips in it and have yet to have any problems. Its road performance alone makes the car an excellent asset for anyone who happens own one and likes to travel. The dynaride system was a great invention and adds to the comfort and handling of the car.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2007