1992 Buick Roadmaster L.E. 5.7 350 from North America


Words don't sum it up


OK man, first let me say I love this car more than anything, but she is not doing too good at all.

The only real bad things that have happened are it was over heating a little. Fixed it.

The front window broke .I get stupid sometimes, punched it, but that's on me, but as of now the only big hold up on DRIVING is my transmission is out man.

General Comments:

The car has a lot of power, and sounds like no other with a Flow-master dumped. It sounds hard as hell.

I had also raced a Honda Civic Si, like a 1996, it was a new year, the year the Si blue came out and I smoked him. I think that's good seeing as that I got my car from my grandmother after she passed away, but my car is not stock, I have 22 inch wheels, fast air bags 9 switch, so tank's in the trunk, and had 3 12 inch subs with 2 amps in trunk.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2009

1992 Buick Roadmaster from North America


Overall the car was great, dependable, and built with quality and love


Nothing really went wrong. All I had to do was change wear and tear parts.

General Comments:

I was the greatest car I have purchased so far, and will probably be the best car.

It was fast, and very very comfortable. I once seated 8 people in it. The steering wheel was as soft as butter to turn.

I'm only 23 years.old and I bought this car in Mokena, Il for 5,000 dollars when I was 17 years old, and I'll tell you what, in the future I will purchase another car just like it when I find it.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2009

1992 Buick Roadmaster Limited 5.7 from North America


Excellent car for the money, will always have one


Had to sell all toys after losing job in 2005. Bought the Road master at a repo auction for $500, stuck another $1000 into it for new tires, brakes, plugs and general maint.

I have put 50000 miles on her since then and have not stuck another dime into it.

Drove from Michigan to Texas at 90mph getting 25mpg!

General Comments:

My wife hates the boat (she drives a 2008 Honda CRV) but has no problem falling asleep in the Buick every time I take it out.

Car rides like a dream. I have since gotten a new job and have other cars, but still keep the Buick around for long trips and as a third car.

Planning on buying a low mile Buick in spring of 2009.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2008

21st Oct 2008, 18:43

I recently purchased a 2005 Park Avenue with less than 17,000 miles. I would take any Buick model over a Honda any time.

4th Jun 2012, 19:56

Your wife actually prefers a CR-V? That would practically fit in your trunk! ;)

1992 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon 5.7 (Chev.V8) from North America


Give us the Aussie Caprice!


- Body side moldings come unglued - common problem

- Oil cooler lines prone to leaks - capped them and removed spacer under oil filter.

- Water pump every 100000kms ($55)

- Poor gas mileage - replaced 02 sensor ($45) Happy now.

- Cruise failed - poor ground in tailgate stop light.

- Manifold gaskets replaced every 100000kms

- Ontario winters will munch away at lower body panels particularly behind rear wheels. Clean around wheels every Spring - spray entire body with chain saw bar oil (better than commercial oil sprays in my opinion).

- Good luck finding one in decent shape on used car market.

General Comments:

- Europeans sneer at RM/Caprice type cars - little do they know!

- I use my R. M wagon as a pick-up - pulled out with a chain thirty 8-10ft high pine trees to clear bush lot. Carried 800lbs of bricks, 900lbs hardwood flooring, filled the rear with sheets of drywall, fence posts (no, not all at the same time!) - I'd like to see a Camry or Accord do that.

- Hit a full grown buck at highway speed - car didn't miss a beat. Needed a new fender, hood, and light ($300 to replace fake wood veneer on fender - most expensive part). Deer didn't fare so well I'm afraid.

- Fire truck backed into rear - tailgate panel was able to be "popped" back into shape. This is one tough car - one of the safest out there.

- Great fuel economy - 32mpg at 120kph (not great around town). Good performance - 0-60 9secs/16.9 seconds quarter mile. People go for the later LT1 engine, but the earlier ones are a snap to work on.

- Extremely comfortable - recently rode in a Merc. 300D while in the UK - a bone shaker in comparison. R. M leather seats are most comfortable I've yet found.

- Must be the worlds largest wagon - 92cu ft of cargo room - Volvo and Mercs are wagon wannabees.

- Still compares well with modern SUVs in performance, mileage and cargo room.

- Classic American cars live on in Australia. I wish G. M would import the Holden Caprice rather than the G8.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2008

6th May 2009, 05:24

The Holden Caprice is a long wheelbase Commodore (G8) and is only available as a sedan.

14th Oct 2009, 10:48

Addendum to the original post.

On Oct 11th/09 this vehicle was totalled when a Chev Suburban ran a red light. My wife had to be extricated from the car but sustained only minor injuries. The other driver was unhurt. The Emergency Responders commented that if the vehicles had been compact cars there would certainly have been a fatality. Those of you who believe that the new small economical cars come with an inherent safety deficit, you are right - I'm so glad we resisted the trend. The Roadmaster had done 450,000kms, was till hauling fence posts and concrete and at the end of the day it provided excellent occupant protection. Thankyou G. M for building such a robust vehicle - so long woody, thanks for the ride.

2nd Oct 2018, 10:26

Many Europeans, like us Swedes, like these cars quite a lot!