1992 Buick Roadmaster Limited 5.7 gas from North America


Rolls-Royce smooth and quiet, but with greater reliability


Within the first two months of ownership, the car left me stranded once. The problem was electrical, and never appeared again.

Regular maintenence kept the car in perfect running condition.

The black b-pillar trim developed wrinkles within three years of manufacture.

General Comments:

Comfortable, smooth, and quiet are three adequate words one can use to describe this car. If not for the tachometer, I would not be able to tell the car is running at idle.

Gray vinyl landau top looks classy on white finish, yet would be admittedly plain without.

The seats are comfortable front and rear, yet it is difficult to get old legs out of the rear passenger area.

The simulated wire-wheel hubcaps make an awful lot of chatter over bumps and in turns.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2005

1992 Buick Roadmaster 5.7 V8 from North America


This car is the epitome of luxury/performance


Squat, just need a tune up.

General Comments:

I have a question. My car failed state inspection because too much heat was coming out of my exhaust while my car was idle. I think a tune-up will fix it. How much is that gonna cost me for my 92 Roadmaster.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2005

1992 Buick Roadmaster Sedan 5.7L LO5 from North America


Long Live The B-Body Cars!


Radiator Went at 132,000.

#1 Alternator went at 135,000.

#2 Alternator went at 137,000 (replaced under warranty)

Tape player died at around 140,000, bought a aftermarket CD player and put it in myself.

Exhaust system from catalytic converter back rusted out at 159,000. (It was the original exhaust from the factory)

General Comments:

I bought this Buick right before my Monte Carlo died (perfect timing huh?) because it fit needs. I needed a highway cruiser with a huge trunk, lots of people space and very reliable, and this car takes the cake. I've gone on 8 hour drives from MA to MD and back with six people in it and no one complained of discomfort.

It also gets great mileage for a big car I average like 22 M.P.G, but on long trips I got it up to 28 M.P.G. TWICE! Not bad for a two ton beast.

This car is great! Lots of power, great brakes and the dynaride suspension makes highway cruising feel like your sitting on a cloud. It has never once not started right up on the first try, looks brand new and has done everything I asked it to and more. I would recommend a Roadmaster to anyone wanting A highway cruiser.

I only have one gripe; the door for the glove box is really low in the dash so if a tall person sits in the front passenger seat they almost always smack there knees getting in.

I don't own the car anymore, but I still get to drive it once in a while. I gave it to my dad when I decided to go back to school and no longer do much highway commuting. He still has it with almost 170,000 mile on it and no problems since the exhaust, just maintenance items.

He has made some changes to it since he got it, he loves big cars, but he likes great mileage in the city to, one thing the Roadmaster doesn't do well. So in went underdrive crank pulleys, 160 degree thermostat, a high flow catalytic converter, flowmaster muffler, throttlebody spacer, and a K&N air filter. Not to mention a full tune-up. He averages about 18 in the city, not bad for it since I was getting like 13. We drove down to Florida from Massachusetts over the summer and got 32 M.P.G. with three people in the car a trunk full of supplies, and the A/C on full blast doing 70 M.P.H all the way down, that's incredible!

Truly an amazing car!

G.M. should bring back the rear wheel drive b-body cars like this, cause this car is awesome!

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Review Date: 5th March, 2005

18th Sep 2005, 20:40

I do agree this car drives just like my Lincoln Towncar (97).

So both of my cars are over constructed two ton pushers. I wouldn't trade them for the world! by:D.R.H.

25th Jun 2006, 23:17

You are so, so right! I too own a Buick Roadmaster ('95), and besides the problem with gas mileage, the car is great! I love it.

It is really roomy, and I need all that space Cause I have 3 kids, and it drives like you're riding on air. The engine is a real beast - 5.7 liter LTI: I have no problem with acceleration problems, and the driving on the freeway is a breeze (you little foreign jobs, watch out!)

My brother hates it because of the gas it guzzles, but all my friends love it. If anything ever goes bad on the car, it doesn't really worry me that much because it is has all American made parts, which means I probably won't be out of too much money for repairs.

I've already had a over 2 dozen people offer to buy it from me, but never! I wouldn't give up my car for anything in the world. Long live the Roadmaster!!!