31st Jul 2005, 23:11

I took over my dad's 1993 wagon in 2000 with 74 000 km on it. In 5 years and 140 000 more km I have replaced the alternator, starter, battery, pickup coil, radiator and water pump. Big deal, these are not major repairs and are only the result of general wear and tear. This car is very spacious, extreme on comfort, handles well especially at high speeds and is very reasonable from a maintenance perspective.

I take a lot of flack from people about it's dorky size and shape and of course, the goofy fake wood paneling trim. BUT, most of my car's detractors are young and way too cool. What do I care, my car may not be cool looking, but there is no SUV on the road that can compete: that includes room, comfort and cost. Money is cool, and this car doesn't cost much of it to keep on the road.

Problems: One rear widow has a broken slider, I don't use it. Who cares, my 6 year old doesn't smoke anyway! This problem is common in Roadmasters. Sometimes when I put on the interior lights at night, all the lock actuators will activate repeatedly. Not willing to find out why, not worth the expense. Guess what, I turn off the interiors and the problem stops!

Overall, this car will not disappoint. You can't buy a vehicle like this anymore. They don't build 'em like they used to, and I mean it this time! You'll have to buy a used Roady if you want one - but spend a few dollars, bring her up to snuff and make a wise decision you won't regret. I've read some comments and you don't need to spend a cent to retrofit a thing on the suspension or any other system. This car was ready to roll right out of the factory.

Go and get a used Roady for a fraction of an SUV and still be ahead of the game. And don't let the comments about her being dorky looking bug you. People would buy a leather lined dump truck if Detroit spent enough money on advertising it as the next cool vehicle to own. Use your head... just go get a Roady!