28th Jan 2013, 18:27

No, I was actually referring to both warranties. First, both of my new Buicks came with a 4 year/48,000 mile bumper to bumper, and the powertrain limited 5 year/100,000 mile one.

1st Sep 2013, 10:40

Update to my original post. About to roll through 45K miles on the Verano and all is well. Just had it in for service (LOF and tire rotation) yesterday and the original tires still have about 45% tread remaining. I have not had any further mechanical issues, except for a little oil consumption (1.5 quarts per 6k miles). MPG is holding steady as mentioned before.

Seen some discussion about the warranty, and my 2012 came with a 3 year 50k mile bumper to bumper, and power train to 100k.

Again, highly recommended vehicle, and I would buy another!

11th May 2014, 08:44

Update to original review: The Verano is still performing very well and I have zero complaints. Mileage is at 66K and I just replaced the OEM tires yesterday. I have had no further mechanical issues or issues with fit and finish. Oil consumption seems to be decreasing, not that it ever got excessive. Still averaging 33-35 MPG. Besides the new tires and 4 wheel alignment, this car has cost me zero dollars in maintenance (besides LOF and tire maintenance). As stated before, I would buy this car again and would recommend it to anyone.

6th Dec 2014, 17:57

Update to my original review. The Verano is still going strong with 87k miles. No further cosmetic or mechanical issues, so the cost of ownership has been much better than expected. MPG has stayed consistent with it averaging 32 MPG. Oil consumption has remained about the same, until this last cycle... used about half a quart over 7k miles. Would still buy another one, and wanted to test drive a new one with the turbo, but my dealer didn't have one in stock. Highly recommended!