18th Mar 2006, 13:49

Though I don't agree that the '93 Allanté is the best choice, because it has the Northstar engine, I do agree with all the previous comments about this unique automobile--it is a driver's car, and the styling is, indeed, timeless.

I have a '92 Allanté, with the hardtop; it has been a joy. My reasons for a 92 vs. a 93: Recaro seats, Bose stereo system, multi-plex wiring system (all were dropped in the 93) that monitors all bulbs in the car, notifies the driver when one is burned out, and will automatically substitute another (fog lamp for burned out low beam, etc.). Also, the door latch system was 'cheapened' in the 93, which makes for more flex in the body.

However... any Allanté that has been well cared for is a good choice.

10th Apr 2006, 03:42

I have a 1993 Allante with less than 40,000 miles. I drive it most days, and just love the car. It draws admiring looks everywhere I go. Unlike many sports cars or personal 2 seater's, the Allante has a large trunk, and a large space behind the seats. Also, there is plenty of leg room. Considering the state of US automakers today, they should look back at the Allante to see that they can offer a state-of-the-art automobile that is world class. Compared to the new XLR's, the Allante is a classic, versus a dressed up Corvette.

12th Jun 2006, 00:07

This has been very enjoyable reading and a first class education. Thanks to all, especially for the civil tone!

It strikes me that there are some very common issues between the Allante' and the Pantera: Italian/American style and engineering wizardry that appeals like a powerful drug, ten plus years hence. Amazing! Now I know why they both appeal so much to me.

One final thought is on buying an Allante as an investment. Buy it and drive it and keep it running no matter how many miles you accumulate, all the while enjoying it. Isn't that the very best kind of investment?


5th Sep 2015, 18:33

I was in the process of purchasing a nice luxury car. At the time I could not decide between a 500 SL, BMW, or Jaguar. I was watching the movie Cadillac Man starring Robin Williams who was driving an Allante. At that point my mind was made up. The next day I beelined to the nearest Cadillac dealer and purchased my first Allante, which was a 90 with the hard top - I simply loved it.

Of all the cars I've owned (over 100), the Allante has proved to be the best in mechanical and engineering. It was driven daily all year round. I loved the information center that was included, though it had a few flaws like body noise, and rear brakes rattling when driving over a bumpy road. Otherwise it has always been my all time favorite automobile ever to own. A very smooth ride with the combination of the tight sport suspension; when driving in excess of 50 mph, the suspension would drop and grip the sharp curves at high speeds. In my book the best suspension I have experienced.

Years later, after selling my Allante due to not having storage space and being married with a child on the way, I regret selling. I was haunted with dreams of driving my silver 90 Allante for years, to the point I could not take it anymore, so I purchased a 92 Allante with the hard top from a second owner. The Allante will always have a special place in my heart.