22nd Oct 2016, 00:55

If I owned a Cadillac Brougham and wanted to do an engine swap; my preference would be an '86-'90 model year with the Olds 307 and swap it with an Olds 350 or even a 403 and remove all the emissions crap. Oldsmobile V8s were more durable, ran smoother and had higher compression.

22nd Oct 2016, 12:33

How about a modern LS swap if you love the car? I have nothing but praise for this engine. No issues.

22nd Oct 2016, 21:22

No thank you, going from Olds to Olds is an easier swap.

24th Oct 2016, 20:52

The LS is now commonly even used on many classics. Easier does not always mean better. If you keep a car you really like, it's great. Look what many of the newer Cadillacs are even running. Technology has advanced. No need to stay in the old era with anemic power and drivetrains. Better performance and durability vs the easy way out.

25th Oct 2016, 07:42

I think all of the large cars with the 4.1-litre aluminum V8 should probably get that replaced with something more reliable, like a twin turbocharged Chevy straight 6.

25th Oct 2016, 08:40

The modern day GM LS engine would also double the horsepower from anemic underpowered 170 to 350. Would push this vehicle that weighs well over 2 tons with ease and efficiency. And is an extremely reliable smooth engine. If the car is a keeper, I would consider the advantages. Cadillac did on its modern ones.

25th Oct 2016, 12:38

I just saw a 1957 Cadillac at last weekend's Delaware Park Show with a LS3. Wish I could post a pic of it. Last night on Fast N Loud they dropped the exact same engine in a Porsche. These engines are affordable for many cars today. Including the land yachts, old and new. It's a very popular swap.

25th Oct 2016, 13:13

Why not just put one in your '70 Chevelle then.

25th Oct 2016, 20:57

I thought this was a Cadillac review with all aftermarket and factory installed engines that are actually produced for Cadillacs, including LSA. What's, next 55 Mercs?

25th Oct 2016, 21:45

OK, the LS is a popular swap. Like it or not, many others including myself prefer to stick with original equipment, even if it means swapping out whatever is under the hood with a bigger motor built by the same GM division. For example Olds 307 to a 350 or 403. My point of view is to get rid of a computer & emissions were it is not needed instead of using a motor such as the LS which can't run without it.

Also when it comes to websites like this, I don't reply to my own comments to make it look like I have a following of others who agree.

You have made your points and I have made mine. You have your preferences, I have mine. Let's move on shall we.

26th Oct 2016, 14:14

It's a growing swap and we realize you are not interested. This does not mean others should be not be made aware of it or overlook it. Any swap you do is not original. Even if it's an exact replacement. Numbers matching isn't certainly a issue here as well. In addition, these kind of swaps are not extremely difficult today. We once had a shop that swapped out many Olds diesel Cadillacs over to gasoline. The cars were cheap and an entire day was devoted to a swap. That was long ago. At least be aware of modern alternatives to really improve a car you may keep for a very long time. Whether it's a model no longer available or for sentimental purposes.

27th Oct 2016, 03:26

What does a "55 Merc" have to do with anything? Was there a television show that did an LS swap on one of those too?

27th Oct 2016, 12:48

I recently bought a Ford with my GMs. I waited a long time and will not ever see a LS install as well if that is your point. This review is on GM and I absolutely agree with you. Cadillac is pretty impressive today. Imagine driving one with over 600 HP with a manual trans straight from the factory. I will probably own one in the near future.

14th Nov 2016, 04:33

I found the 170-180hp and 255-300lb torque adequate for the Brougham. Putting in an LS is a matter of personal preference, but some Brougham fans want to maintain the quiet graceful performance these cars are known for. An LS swap would possibly take all the gracefulness away and replace it with noisy thrashy performance. Nothing worse than seeing a Brougham jacked up in the back with loud glasspacks.

14th Nov 2016, 17:10

Funny, newer gen Cadillacs have factory installed fuel injected LS engines. Maybe you haven't stayed up to date. Thrush glass packs are illegal with our state inspection as well. A little extreme on the comparison. I feel a mild exhaust system will suffice.

14th Nov 2016, 20:47

Those newer gen Cadillacs have next to nothing in common with the Brougham's image. Whitewall tires, chrome wire wheels, vinyl tops, button tuck velour or leather interior, and shag carpet are nowhere to be found on new Cadillacs. Column shifters and split bench seats are also done away with.

14th Nov 2016, 20:51

Why would he have to jack up a Cadillac with an LS engine? Not necessary. I could see lowering it a couple inches.

14th Nov 2016, 23:48

Totally agree with 4:33, the grand old Cadillacs were never meant to be performers even though the 472, 500, 425 and 368 engines had adequate power due to their large CID. Yes, newer Cadillacs are using the LS, but that would be because Cadillac has not produced their own V8 since the Northstar; a good performer, but a disaster as far as reliability. Therefore what other V8 are they going to use today?

Yeah, I know, the LS is a popular swap, but when it comes down to a large RWD Cadillac from the '80s that has no balls, I myself along with many others would prefer a bigger (cast iron) Olds engine in place of the 307. Now if you have an'82-'85 model with the horrific HT 4100, that's a whole 'nother story.

Now I'm sure that the individual that loves the LS will post another reply to defend it, even though this post doesn't insult it. It's a matter of personal preference.

15th Nov 2016, 14:08

In the comments section on a previous Olds Cutlass thread, somebody stated that shifters "belong" on the floor. Whatever that means.

15th Nov 2016, 15:23

I have owned 3 gens of LS motors with great results. I know a guy with 190k on a very well maintained LS1. Frequent Mobil 1 changes. I agree maybe this specific car is not an ideal candidate. My most memorable engine in my Cadillac back then was a 1970 that had 375 HP with a 472 4 BBL pushing over 5600 lbs. It needed the HP, but it is late 2016 and very much has changed. Watch Jay Lenos Garage great video on 2016 Cadillacs. Especially the 640 HP 8 speed. The best comment is using only half of the HP capability with very low RPM established with a transmission barely above idle on the interstate. With pretty respectable mileage as well. The engine will have an easy life. You have to really applaud the engineers with modern Cadillac technology.

Granted not everyone is going to spend 90k, but this has been out for a while now. It's a pretty exciting video you can watch on YouTube and see. The Europeans have a fierce competitor with great handling and Brembo brakes on a Cadillac!

If you don't want a crossover or a 2 seater, this is an outstanding family car that you can have fun with. I have ridden in one, not a true owner. But at least not an armchair only commenter. Great car!