15th Nov 2016, 21:43

I get it. I had a 68 Cutlass with a column automatic. Never felt very sporty. A floor automatic with a console would have been better. To go in a way off topic perhaps, I saw a AAR Cuda with an automatic on the column. Amazing. Beautiful car though.

15th Dec 2016, 08:05

An LS engine transplant on an old Cadillac Brougham would cost a ton and be a fairly large project (a good amount of stuff would also need to be replaced too) - to the point of not being worth it. It's much easier in that case to just go out and buy a new model Cadillac instead.

16th Dec 2016, 04:53

3-4K if you shop wisely. Perhaps go for a rebuilt.

17th Dec 2016, 12:25

Another way is to transplant the body onto the next gen body style with the LT1.

17th Dec 2016, 20:36

Or buy motor mounts and install in the existing one. These engine transplants are now very commonplace in many manufacturers, past and present. I just saw it in a 58 Cadillac. Or buy a late model Cadillac with one from the factory already in place. Think we have exhausted this by now, wouldn't you agree?

18th Dec 2016, 15:44

Yeah, this was exhausted when 22nd Oct 2016, 12:33 first decided to mention the modern LS swap, and how much they praise it.

19th Dec 2016, 15:07

It takes a lot more than just motor mounts to do this project. Ever do one yourself? Probably not.

19th Dec 2016, 22:29

True... but if you truly love the large wheelbase vehicle in which there is absolutely no current Cadillac equivalent, why not? You would be in great company. It's only money, and if your plans are to keep it, it's not a dollar and cents issue anyway.

22nd Dec 2016, 18:41

If you Google LS engine swaps into Cadillac, you will certainly have a lot to read about with the benefits. They are swapped into most everything imaginable. It's not some rare unheard of swap. Apparently it's very popular. Or just buy one one from the factory.