27th Oct 2004, 13:17

I just Purchased a 1990 brougham and what a car! After taxes and other meaningless fees it was 4500. The car is perfect shape, no dents scratches, not even a rip in the vinyl top. I put the soft side of a piece of Velcro on one off the vents to tighten it up, after that the interior is dead silent. I love this Caddy!

28th Oct 2004, 05:19

I just purchased a 1990 Cadillac Brougham D'Elegance in Moncton, N.B. It was previously owned by an older gentleman. He purchased it new in l989. It kinda bothers me that after reading some comments on some websites that people paid up to $4,500. He wanted $6,500 but I paid $5,800 not including taxes. The car is in beautiful condition. Not a scratch and the perma-shine has lasted as it should have considering the price that was paid to have it applied.

My concern is did I pay too much? I am a female buyer that was looking for comfort, stle, reliability and the such. I just hope that just because I am a woman I hope that didn't drive the price up!

28th Oct 2004, 07:10

Re the above comment, sorry, but Kelly Blue Book value for a private party sale for a 1990 Brougham in excellent condition (the top rating) with 50K miles (which you did not specify) is only...$2550.

A little research next time before you buy would help you from getting shafted--again!

20th Nov 2004, 09:16

The car has been in my family since 1995. It has had two owners from 1990 until present. Overall it has been a good vehicle. Its maple red with a vinyl top. The car has 229,000 miles on it and the motor, a 5.7L still runs well. It does need a valve job now due to some oil smoke coming out of the tail pipe when first started. It has had some minor work performed on it. I had to take it to the dealer for the motor work as no one wanted to "mess with it". It just needed a tune up plus some spark plug wires and a new wire going to the oxygen sensor.

The water pump failed after 220,000 miles and the air pump for the air shocks went out after 223,000 miles. I installed new Gabriel air shocks in the rear with new rear suspension springs. I choose to bypass the air pump because I would have to go after market for a new one. I just put max pressure in the air shocks and it was fine. On the front suspension I installed spring assisted shocks for towing trailers and a new sway bar. It did a good job of firming up the front end around turns. The dealerships parts are running out for this car and many parts you can no longer get. Try and go after market when you can on parts for substantial savings in cost. A few parts for this vehicle are the same as the Chev. Caprice in the same year.

Finally I recommend a good quality car cover for the rag top roof if you do not have a garage to keep it in.

8th Sep 2005, 11:18

I just bought a 1990 Cadillac Brougham as a first car. I have driven my parent's Chevy Corsica and this car is an unbelievable improvement. After taxes and such, I paid $527 for it. It does have some minor rust spots and the vinyl top is a little cracked and dry, but no rips. I've had this car for about a month and the only work I had to do was replace a section of brake line, but for the price, I think I did pretty good. It does hit pretty high in the mileage count though, it has a whopping 140,500 miles on it and it runs better than my parent's Corsica. But all the power seats, windows, locks and such work perfect. I'm very satisfied!

17th May 2006, 17:31

Regards making the poor girl feel cheated for having "over-paid" according to the never-wrong geniuses at KBB: Look, if you pay shy of six grand for a car that is BETTER than a brand-new Cadillac costing six times as much -- you're getting a good deal, aren't you?

Frankly, I'm leary of owning anything American-made after 1992: http://tinyurl.com/mvxnm

14th Feb 2009, 01:08

I had purchased my Caddy in 05. It had 28861 miles. I paid 4,750.00 for it. As of today it has 63000 some odd miles on it. Other than routine maintenance, I had to replace a water pump. It is by far, the best auto I owned. Me being 6'9" and 450 lbs. I have plenty of room. All I need is a t.v. and I would definitely feel right at home. The ride is smooth and the purring of the engine is soothing. Sure wish G.M. would bring that style back. Something like that will never get old.

26th Nov 2014, 20:12

I disagree, and believe that this previous commentator was too harsh on the lady. She "may" have over-paid a bit, but so what? The questions really are, "Does she like the car? Does this car satisfy her needs... and maybe some wants?" My guess is, "Yes".

When a used car is toward the extreme of the range of conditions, like a weight scale, it becomes harder to predict or state with authority. If this woman plans on keeping the car a long time, if she is fortunate by not having it hit or damaged in an accident, consider what fine VALUE she has. If she thinks of it this way... perhaps appreciating the colors and upholstery material, she is happy with a high-quality, reliable, desirable automobile. Considering its condition, she could wind up owning it a long time: a long time filled with pleasure of ownership and driving. Compared to what it sold for new, consider the fine VALUE that it is... for her. I'm betting that she agrees!