21st Oct 2010, 11:06

Good review, and an outstanding title for it. I happen to like the Cimarron too, and would very much like to own one someday. It's one of a long line of cars I'd like to have, but perhaps partly because it's so unwanted it is a car that, more often than not, someone could eventually come to own.

Another reviewer called the Cimarron... what was it? "a baby Mercedes at a bargain price". Yes, I think that was it. That describes this unique and unusual Cadillac well, too.

So I can assure the reviewer that he/she is not alone in liking the Cimarron. The Pinto, the Edsel, and the DeLorean all have found folks who like them. The Cimarron will too if it hasn't already.

22nd Oct 2010, 03:33

I think it is important to remember that in the mid-1980s, there were still good cars around - real cars - like full sized Oldsmobiles, Cadillacs, Lincolns, etc., with real V8 engines and rear wheel drive. Of course the Cimarron didn't compare very well with those, but in light of the terrible over-complex and unreliable high-dollar garbage that's been foisted on the consumer ever since, the mid 80s Cimarron is a pretty good car.

18th Dec 2016, 04:59

Why does front-wheel drive and having fewer than eight cylinders disqualify a car from being "real"?

18th Dec 2016, 05:05

They weren't bad cars; just bad Cadillacs. The Cimarron was too small, and not sufficiently distinct from its pedestrian counterparts, to deserve its badging and price tag.

18th Dec 2016, 12:19

This was a very bad move in my opinion at the time. People want a Cadillac luxury car with a good image. Not a low end car with badging. And paying Cadillac prices. Since then and today Cadillac makes really great cars with performance. This was a dark period and poorly thought out. I don't even like this used model today for a second car. It's a real disappointment, including styling. I had old Cadillacs that were great to ride in and were plush. Took a lot of time to clean and detail; over a day at times. But you were proud and enjoyed doing so. This model I would not even want to wash it. Lackluster overall.