18th Jan 2007, 14:30

I own an 04 CTS and while I really like the car, I'm destroyed because the engine seized at 32k miles! Oil was changed when it was supposed to. I also had to replace the tires at 15k miles. An independent tire dealer told me the Goodyear RSA tires are very soft and wear out quickly.

24th Aug 2007, 13:02

The tire wear saga continues. I am driving a 2004 CTS with 27,000 miles on it. This will be the third set of tires on this car. I have put Goodyears on each time and rotated them every 3,000 miles. I have even had the vehicle aligned each time. I am thinking about Yokohamas this time, but seriously do not want to waste my money.

If a good tire is only going to last 10,000 miles, I think I will try the cheap tires and see what happens. Has anyone had any luck with cheap tires on the CTS? If this keeps up I shall be looking to a European auto manufacturer, and bid adieu to the Cadillacs I have driven for over 25 years.

3rd Sep 2007, 15:25

I have a 2003 CTS. The original tires lasted 32,000 miles before I was unable to rotate the tires due to uneven tire wear and according to the dealer this was not an uncommon problem. I was told I was lucky to get this many miles on my tires.

I replaced the tires to get rid of the vibration and wobble noise. I purchased Goodyear RSA's 17". After 7500 miles the front right tire had a blow-out at 70 mph. Goodyear states the blow-out was due to low tire pressure and no fault of the workmanship or material related condition of the tire. I'm not sure if it was the tire pressure or the tire quality whatever I'm afraid the other tires will also have a blow-out. I rarely drive this car now because I don't trust the tires. I plan to get new tires even tho I have little tread wear on these.

This will be my last Cadillac and last purchase of Goodyear tires.

9th Sep 2007, 21:55

To all CTS owners who have posted their experience with tire problems, particularly rapid wear, you have my sympathies.

I find it strange, maybe even unconscionable, that GM could have released a car that virtually eats tyres and adds magnificently to the running costs; not to mention pose a potential safety issue.

Also, to the poster who said that Good Year does not stand behind its tires, I had a similar experience many years ago. The tread separated from the sidewall of a Good Year despite it having only covered 12,000 miles and being maintained at the correct pressure and, yep, you guessed it - Good Year's response was that it was solely the owner's perogative to ensure that the tires on the vehicle are maintained in a roadworthy fashion.

Strangely, this also happened on a GM car - a European Vauxhall, so nowadays it's a case of good-bye Good Year and adios GM.

7th Dec 2007, 10:31

2006 CTS 2.8 Ltr Luxury pkg

I replaced my Goodyear tires and factory rims at 1500 miles. I gave them to my girlfriend who had the same tires on her 04 Mustang at 35K and 20,000 miles later they look excellent! My cts now has 17 inch STS take-offs that came with staggered sized alloy rims with Michelin pilots. I now have 29,000 miles on it and always rotate my tires at the 5k oil change. My front tires have inner tire wear, but all else was evenly worn, with no steering shake or pull. The dealer never offered the alignment, so I never requested it. I noticed it yesterday because I didn't straighten my wheels when I parked... Good thing! I am going to the dealer today to see if they have an answer. P.S. Anyone notice speed bumps at REALLY LOW SPEEDS are very rough? Not a Cadillac ride whatsoever!

21st Feb 2008, 23:18

I own a 2004 CTS and am on my 3rd set of tires. Cadillac replaced the first two and went in half with me on the third set. After seeing that the issue is not specific to my vehicle I am wondering why I paid anything at all. I did open up a case with the National BBB and had decided not to go through with the case. But after seeing all the comments and seeing that this seems to be an issue with the CTS I think I will go forward with my claim.

8th Mar 2008, 22:22

I have a 2007 CTS 2.8 and absolutely love the car.

I get almost 27 mpg on the highway. This is actually the second CTS we have owned; my wife totaled the first one when she pulled out in front of a tri-axle dump truck with my little girl in the back seat in Oct of 2006. I truly believe if it had been a lesser car it could have been real bad; both escaped serious injury.

I like the way the car accelerates and handles on the highway. We have been on several trips over 600 miles in our CTS and it's very comfortable.

25th Aug 2009, 14:35

I've owned my 2005 CTS VTXI for 3 yrs and put 28,100 miles on it.

Tires a major problem. The vogue tires go one at a time. The problem is unrepairable flats on the side of the tires. Each tire is $210, I can't believe for the price of $210 per tire they don't last. The ride is quiet and nice, but when a tire goes one at a time, how do you buy a different brand and have the CTS still look sexy.

I've also had the motor overhauled at 49K.. burned oil.

I have differential replaced as well as the hose and vent. Recently it was leaking and they had to tighten the differential.

I would never buy another CTS again. First and last... I'm considering BMW or Audi now.

23rd Sep 2009, 12:23

My 2004 CTS has its original Goodyear still on the car. It now has 47,000 miles, and just passed New York State inspection.

The tires are getting lower on tread, but they are all wearing evenly, and I expect should last perhaps another year.

I have no vibration issues, except when I come back from vacation after the car has been sitting for 2 weeks, there is some flat-spotting for the first few miles. That's it.

27th Sep 2009, 00:10

I am currently employed at Gateway Tire, and I deal with nothing but tires day in and day out. I sell them, I mount them, and I work on them. I also drive a 2004 CTS and I have had no problems with it at all except it seems to be quite a target for getting hit in parking lots. More to the point, as much as any of yall want to claim you know tires, I know me some tires better most likely.

Having said this, Michelin tires are decent, don't get me wrong. But they are decent tires with a premium price. Goodyear tires are about the same, but the price to value ratio is a little more balanced.

I have the Toyo Proxes TPT's on my car and I could not be happier with any tires. They get great traction, they look good, and they have lasted me for a good while now and I have no plans on replacing them any time soon. However, if I didn't have the Toyo's, I would have the Yokohama Avid TRZ's. They are a good tire and are not too pricey. After that, I would go with the Mirada, a little known tire made by Yokohama. It is a great tire and even better for the price.

If you are wanting to go with something sportier, I would go with the Toyo Proxes 4's. Otherwise, I would go with the Yokohama Avid W4s's. Their only downfall is they need to be rotated and balanced every 3000 miles and a good alignment is necessary.