1st Oct 2009, 04:55

Wow, I sit here and read this stuff and I just think my dealer is the biggest pack of liars on the plant.

We bought our 04 CTS in late 06. He had 16000/miles on the clock and it was one of the best looking cars we had ever had. And believe me, we have had some sweet cars.

Because we buy a car just about every year, we try not to buy brand new, but close. We keep 3 to 4 cars all the time and trade one each year.

The CTS has been a pain in the a%& from day one. And if you go by what our dealer says, we are responsible for all of it. From the diff exploding one month after we got it to the fact that no matter WHAT tire we put on it, they're gone in less than 8000 miles.

There was the 1000 brake job at 22000/miles.

We have paid $175 (twice) to have the buttons on the stereo changed from the peeling it sounds like the all do.

We just got it back again from the front end shop (we gave up on the dealer) along with the $1300 bill.

Now the car is approaching 50000 miles. And thank god it's time for him to go down the road.

In 06 we bought a E350 Mercedes with 18000 miles on it. We pay almost the exact same price as the CTS and we have put almost 50000 miles. on this car and it has NEVER been back to the dealership.

My wife will not drive the caddy any more after it stranded her and her mom in the twin cities. Car would not start. Drove all the way there to get her, got in the car and it started like it was turned off 5 minutes ago. It has now done this a half a dozen times and no one can say why. Not even any codes in the computer. The dealership gave us the impression we were making it up. And that we're just too picky. Well forgive me for expecting my 40000 dollar car to work just most of the time.

This car took the place of our BMW 5 series and I will be switching back. I drove the 09 CTS the other day and that car felt way better. Maybe I'll try again next year with a 09.

So I'm sorry GM, but you sell this car as an import fighter, and all I can say is it's the same crap you have been making for years in a different wrapper.

Avoid pre 08 CTSs unless you have deep pockets and just have to have one. It's sad to say this has been the case for me for 3!/2 years now.

I just loved the look and easy drive of this car, but time to let him go. How sad is that!!! A car that costs almost $50000 new and its useful life is over at 50000 miles.

Well with that rant out of the way, I'll let the rest of you CTS owners go because I'm sure you are late for picking your car up from the shop. God bless and good bye.


19th Dec 2009, 21:52

Interesting how views differ. Purchased an 04 CTS 3.6 in 05 with 35k. Experienced inexpensive electrical problem and AC condenser replacement. Have 106k with original brakes. Runs great, will purchase another CTS when this one hits 150k. Either this is an abnormality or most of these posters work at Toyota dealers..

7th Jan 2011, 18:47

Purchased an 04 CTS in 07 with 90K. Replaced condenser and one set of new tires. Has 116K miles. No other issues so far.

31st Mar 2011, 20:46

I have an 05 CTS, and just passed 195k miles with only minor problems until this week. Tire wear is not bad; 3 sets in 195k.

Brakes - 4 sets plus rotors.

2 wheel bearing assemblies, same wheel.

Overall, really good for the mileage. It is now time to let her go, as the EMU unit has gone bad and the fuel gauge doesn't work, along with the other EMU controlled units, theft system, temp control and shifter lights.

All in all, a great car.

30th Jun 2011, 20:38

I have an 05 CTS, and have had nothing but problems with it. I am on the third set of tires at 60,000 miles. I am on the 4th oxygen sensor. I have had the sunroof motor replaced, and the engine was burning oil, and had to have all the seals and gaskets replaced. Not to mention the multiple noises and rattles from inside the cabin. This is my first Cadillac, and will be my last.

21st Feb 2016, 20:06

I have the same car and don't use Goodyear tires - they suck.

I use a cheap brand Ziex and they are 1/2 the price and last over 2 times as long. America's Tire Store.

8th Jan 2018, 00:22

The buy American fans keep blaming the owners of any defective or troublesome American cars. Or they make absurd claims that all bad reviews are false and they're being made by Japanese car dealers or owners.

They also make ridiculous claims like "all the GM's, Ford's and Dodges they have owned, have all lasted over 200k miles without a single repair, while getting 30 to 50 MPG".

Sometimes even negative reviews are helpful to car buyers. Like anyone looking to buy one of these Cadillac CTS models. Plus there's always some bugs to be worked out in new models that make buying early models more of a risk than buying later models that hopefully have the bugs all worked out.

Cadillac wanted to compete favourably against the Japanese and German competition, so they set up the cars suspension for a sportier feel and the ability to handle corners at higher G's. This in turn required softer compound tires and wheel alignment settings that made for more grip at the expense of tire life.

8th Jan 2018, 17:28

I smell an import vs. domestic warfare in the making.

9th Jan 2018, 20:28

I see more of a European comparison vs from Japan. Don’t fret tire wear and high service costs on high performance sedans; it's going to happen on each side of the pond. I like many cars on both sides as well. Not late model BMWs however.