1970 Cadillac DeVille Coupe 472 c.i. from North America




Before I can tell you that, here is some background. I was 19 and I bought this car on eBay. The guy was a jerk, and I was a naive kid. I probably should have walked away.

He was honest about the body being straight and the drivetrain being good.

The cooling system immediately went to hell. I ended up pulling oiut the thermostat just so I could make it home.

I replaced the radiator and bypassed the heater core. To this day the car has no heat. It is currently overheating again. I think it is time for a waterpump. Damn Vegas dust.

The interior is totally shot.

The window motors are tired. They go up and down, but only certain switches work.

One window is off it's track.

Weather stripping is gone.

Rust in the quarters, around the windows and anywhere in the corners where moisture was trapped.

But these are all things you can expect buying a 40 year old car that didn't have the best care.

The one thing I will tell people who want an old caddy to look out for that no one else is mentioning is steering column problems. Mine is a nightmare.

Everything is grounded to everything.

I hit the brakes and the hazard lights come on. I don't pull the fuse because otherwise I have no brake lights, so it's the only way it will appear to have brake lights, so when I hit the brakes, my parking lights come on too...

Get it?

My windsheild wipers come on when I slam the door.

Sometimes the ignition switch gets randy and my starter will stay on.

Broken 3 starters this way.

Alternator went bad. 30 dollars for a new one. =)

General Comments:

Easy to work on.

Avoid it if any of the electricals aren't working.

The only problem with mine was no hazard lights at first. It escalated into needed ing a column rebuild which was done completely wrong and resulted in worse problems.

So basically only buy a car without perfect electrical if you have the cash or knowledge to fix it. Caddy steering columns are COMPLICATED.

I may try to take it on now that I have more experience.

At 2150 dollars, I paid too much. But I was 19. It was a learning experience.

That said, I love this car and how it feels driving down the highway.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2007

15th May 2007, 23:10

Hmm my first car was a 1988 Lincoln Town Car I loved that body style so that's what I was shooting for, that car had 210,000 miles on it when I bought it for $1700 a lot of little things broke in the engine which was annoying, but it was a learning process, I've had two more of these now upgraded to a 2000 Grand Marquis, these cars are unmatched.

1970 Cadillac DeVille Convertible 472 c.i. from North America


This car is like a good friend


I've rebuilt the GM turbo 400 transmission twice since I've owned the car. about every 120 thousand miles.

The convertible top and the leather seats only last about 75K between replacement.

The motor is a real trooper, it went 220,000 before I finally rebuilt it, but it was still running strong, it just made lots of smoke.

Exhaust systems last 100,000 on average.

General Comments:

This is a great car. One of GM's not so stellar visual designs, but mechanically it has a heart if iron. It will NEVER leave you stranded if you treat it right. Change your oil and drive around the world as many times as you want.

I've replaced the body due to rust and accidents.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2005

14th May 2007, 16:06

"Not so stellar visual designs"

A matter of preference. I like the 70 more than any other cadillac than perhaps the 57's and the 64's.

4th Aug 2007, 19:57

This is one of the best cars I've owned. The car literally floats down the road!

Yes, it's big & boxy, but it's a classic Cadillac. They certainly don't make them like this anymore. This is when a Caddy looked like a Caddy -- it had the tail fins. Now they all look alike.

5th Aug 2007, 16:25

No doubt, now Cadillacs look like just another Chevy sedan.

19th Mar 2015, 15:17

I have a '70 coup Deville. Loaded in its day. I like the looks of it too.

20th Mar 2015, 13:07

Don't know any current Chevrolet sedan with the distinct front or rear view design of the current Cadillac sedans.