1987 Cadillac DeVille HT 4.1 V8 from North America


This is an all around awesome car with superb performance and unrivaling comfort.


Replaced water pump.

Power steering pump.

Fuel pump.

Right rear chock.

Front struts.

Heater Control Valve.

Fuel, oil, air filters.

Retracting antenna motor.

Door panel.

General Comments:

1987 Cadillac Sedan De-Ville HT 4100 V8.

This car was originally my grandfathers and he took great care of it. The car was passed on to me recently and I couldn't be happier with its performance.

Right now the car has 103,000mi. on it and it runs great. This car glides down the road so smoothly you could easily forget your driving.

When I hear V8 I think power, I know this is no race car, but I was slightly disappointed with the lack of power it displays.

If any one could give me some advice on how to get some more power out of this car it would be greatly appreciated.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2005

1987 Cadillac DeVille Sedan 4.1 from North America




Nothing has gone wrong except for the timing chain which is slapping against the cover... so one mechanic tells me to me it sounds like it's running on a couple less cylinders... talk about a beautiful car though.

General Comments:

Very comfortable. Leather air ride.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2005

1987 Cadillac DeVille HT-4.1 DFI from North America


I wish I could own three of them


A/C Compressor

Coolant Fan Control Module

Heater Fan Control Module.

General Comments:

This is just a great car, as long as you go into it with your eyes open. Any luxury car (especially one going on 20 years old) is going to have issues, because of the myriad of systems on board. The HT-4100 has a well-earned reputation as a troublemaker, but with proper care it's no more or less reliable than most other composite (aluminum) engines these days. These Cads routinely go 150 to 200 thousand miles or more when maintained (check e-bay if you don't believe it).

Keep in mind also that 1987 was the last year of the 4100, so most of the serious bugs were already worked out.

Mine is barely broken in, with less than 50k, and it drives and rides like a brand new Caddy - it just glides down the road as if on a cloud. The seats are supremely comfortable, and the Delco/Bose Symphony Sound system is simply sublime. Yes, I've had to sink a few bucks into it, but so far it adds up to less than three months car payments on my Grand Cherokee. It also gets 16-18 mpg around town, 23-25 on the highway. The real beauty of Cadillacs is that they have their own on-board diagnostic computers built in. You don't even need Mr. Goodwrench to tell you what's wrong with your Caddy!

The secret to buying a good Cadillac of mid-80s vintage is finding one with a complete service history. Don't be scared off if it's had lots of things done - that just means the problems are fixed. The key item to watch for is that the engine coolant has been changed at least every two years, and the GM coolant supplement tablets have been added at each change. The supplement is really nothing more than a repackaged form of Bars Leak Gold powder, and it seeks out and fills gaps in the unstable aluminum surfaces before they become leaks. This same supplement is used on virtually every GM aluminum engine made today.

It also helps to be mechanically inclined. These cars are sophisticated, but not impossible to work on even for someone with average skills. Get a GM Factory shop manual, too. It'll pay for itself many times over.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2005

18th Jan 2006, 23:18

I've had my '87 Cadillac Coup De Ville for 4 months now. It really is an awesome car, haven't had any real problems with it. The warning for the anti-lock brakes has appeared and won't come off. It's been about 2 weeks since it appeared, brakes appear to be fine, but I'm wondering if it is a problem with the brakes or is the computer is messed up. The computer is still slightly confusing to me so I would like to know what is exactly going on with the car. I know it is silly to ask a question like this when everything seems fine, but if anyone knows anything about this or has had the similar problem, please feel free to comment. I do need help so hopefully someone would be kind to help me out. Thank you to all who know something about this!

13th Sep 2006, 19:44

Hey I had a 1988 Deville with the 4.5 and it ran marv it had a chipped fly wheel that cost me a fortune in starters. Now I have a 87 with the 4.1 and I bought it for 750 looks even better than my 88, mint condition except the engine, but I have it under a tarp now and I plan to do damage to "Doc" next spring. I'm gonna have the results with pics next spring. In overall the Devilles that Cadillac had made from 85 to 88 were just beautiful.

24th Jun 2008, 12:12

I have a 1987 Coupe DeVille with aftermarket continental kit, faux rag-top, gold package, etc. Beautiful car, but I keep it for the handling, ride. I have upgraded Ac, with new compressor, etc. Also had tranny rebuilt mainly as preventative measure. It has 94 k on it now, and the 4.1HT has done fine thus far.

16th Mar 2013, 20:59

I have the same model Coupe De Ville, with aftermarket treatments. I love the car, still less than 100k on it. I have kept it maintained with transmission rebuild, upgraded air, suspension, etc. The interior still is like new, original exterior paint, etc. I bought it in 2000, best ride I've owned. I have it sitting now, to put a new radiator in. I have heard that the cooling can be iffy, so ounce of prevention in this case.