2001 Cadillac DeVille DHS 4.6 Northstar from North America


Comfortable, powerful, good traction with trailers


So far nothing has gone wrong with the car.

General Comments:

This car is the ultimate vehicle for any type of driving. It is so nice to sit back at 75mph with the heated messaging seats going. Nobody believes me, but if I drive 55 mph I can get 33mpg on the highway in the flat area I live in and no winds.

I do not have any problems with the engine burning oil, and I know this because I change my own oil every 2,000 miles.

Probably my favorite thing about the car is the great traction. I have a trailer hitch on it and I pull 2 snowmobiles all the time in the winter. I also pull my speedboat in and out of the water with ease.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2009

2001 Cadillac DeVille Base from North America


It's a true AMERICAN luxury car


My father purchased this car for me on my sixteenth birthday. He told me several times to rethink the car I wanted because of the problems with his 1996 Cadillac Concourse Deville that he got rid of due to the problems. My 2001 Cadilac Deville had a problem the very next day after purchase. My dad said "I told you so." PROBLEMS...

Radiator fan motor bearings went bad.

Crank shaft sensors replaced.

The car lunges, at times hard to control.

Car has stalled three times.

Uses a quart of oil every 1000 miles, viewed as normal!

Will not run properly on regular fuel, the motor ticks or sounds like a chain dragging on the ground. "Requires premium".

The car idles up and down, resulting in lunges in drive.

It also has small annoying rattling sounds in the cabin.

General Comments:

This car is very comfortable to drive and ride, to and from school.

It is the only Cadillac at my school, and I think it's the best looking car in its sheer luxocruiser sport look.

The car can't handle a tight corner over 45, but that's OK, I didn't want the car for handling.

It has tons of power. The car looks like a slow good riding boat, but in reality it's a speed machine.

The car is BOLD and it gets the statement across when I pull up to school.

I love this car, and would easily buy another.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2009

2001 Cadillac DeVille DHS V8 from North America


Very poor quality, I have had my first and last Cadillac!!!


At 52,000 miles we replaced the water pump. Was told it was normal for Cadillac.

Then then at about 60,000 the motor began to shake and jerk. We had it at 2 dealers; couldn't fix. I took it to a independent shop. They replaced the rubber boot between the throttle body and intake, and also replaced the intake gasket. Shop said it was normal for a Cadillac.

We then replaced the sensor on the right front wheel at about 68,000.

We are on our 3rd window regulator on the front passenger door. We now have to replace the left rear window regulator. We were told the same - this is common for Cadillac.

The electronics in the left rear door are not working now. The front is banging and making a noise; I have never had a car do that.

The drivers front seat motor keeps sticking.

I have to add a quart sometimes 2 quarts of oil between each each 3,000 mile oil change. I asked about it, and was told a lot of Cadillacs do that.

There is a vibration in the rear end and I was told Cadillac's do that.

The latest, just yesterday, at 98,000 miles the servo motor on the HVAC quit working. I will take it to get fixed, and they will tell me that's normal for a Cadillac.

I drove my last 2 cars to 200,000 miles. I won't get it from this Cadillac. I can't continue to shell out money to fix, and I'm get tired of being told that is normal. I'm currently looking at Toyota's,Nissan's & Honda's. I won't buy another American car. The quality is not in them anymore.

General Comments:

We like the way it drives and rides when it doesn't need repairs.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2008

25th May 2009, 21:30

I had a 1996 De-Ville; it never gave me any problems until it hit 264k miles, then the on board computer stated a problem with the tranny. I drove it for an other 15k miles then sold it as-is never fixed it. I then bought a 2001 DHS Arizona edition; It has spent more time at the shop than on the road, I'm truly disappointed (specially after such a good experience). And I hear it only gets worse... all 04 models have several recalls. Oh well, there went an American ICON!