6th Mar 2006, 00:35

I have an 83 De ville with only 80,000 miles on it. The 4100 engine can cruse down the high way at 80 with no trouble at all. The body is perfect, and the engine couldn’t run smoother. It helps a little that I specialize in these old land yachts. I keep very good care of my De ville. I’ve removed the catalytic converter and installed duel exhaust with glass pack mufflers. I’ve added a very nice cold air intake system. I tune the engine to perfect pitch every 3500 miles. I change all of the fluids every 2000 miles, and I’ve kept the inside and the outside of this boat very clean and out of harms way. This Yacht of times long forgotten is the most luxuries and maneuverable work of art that I have ever driven. I would never trade this Cadillac in for another car as long as the good lord keeps pumping air into my lungs, and octane into my blood.

9th Oct 2006, 13:52

I owned a 1984 Cadillac Fleetwood Rear Wheel Drive 4100 V-8 on it's second engine when bought. Gas mileage was poor, and car was under-powered. I replaced this with a 1976 4-Dr.. De-Ville 500CID V-8 that got equal (13mpg) mileage and even with 150,00 miles was much less trouble. The older drive-train was much superior, and the 1976 was roomier and had nearly equal features compared with the 1984 model. Of the 4 Cadillacs I have owned (1967 Convertible with 429 V-8, 1973 De-Ville 4-Dr. with 472 V-8,1976 and 1984 mentioned above) I would say to anyone desiring an older Cadillac to find one with the older big-block V8, 1968 to 1976; better reliability and MUCH more power!

24th Feb 2009, 07:44

I just want to say they used the Olds V8 until it was fuel injected in 1990.

16th Nov 2009, 15:36

We just inherited an 83 coupe Deville with 110,000 miles on it. The body and interior are in amazing shape.

I wasn't surprised when I discovered that the car had a hard time doing 70 miles an hour and got crappy gas mileage. It failed smog and couldn't be registered. I decided to do a serious tune up and learned about the on-board diagnostics. After replacing MANY sensors and an EGR valve, and more importantly the fuel filter, which was original to the car, I was amazed to discovered that the car actual runs great, gets 21 mpg on average and will haul itself down the road at 80mph happily.

The car passed smog and is actually cleaner than the average new car. Amazing that it actually still ran with so few sensors still working.

These cars were really advanced for their time, and most guys didn't know how to work on them. They are really easy to mess up and get running poorly. Bad servicing equals bad operation, which handily the mechanic loves to blame on the vehicle. I love ours now that it runs great. Couldn't find a cooler mix of style and comfort if you tried in my opinion.

8th Jan 2010, 14:47


I own a 1984 Fleetwood B., WITH THE 4100 and 150,000.

2 days ago I was running against a Porsche and a Lexus. The cops win, LOL. But what I'm trying to say that the Cadillac is made to run along with the big dogs.

My other cars are a 1969 white Fleetwood, a 1974 gold Cadillac Deville, a 1969 white Cad Eldorado, a 1964 silver Cadillac Sedan Deville, a 1974 Cadillac white Eldorado convertible with a 8.5 liter engine. I bought each of them, at not more than $1500, including the one I have now.

The only brand new one I have is a 2000 Cadillac green Sedan Deville, and I use it as taxi cab, so from this I think you see that Cadillac was made for comfort, service and hard work for their owners.

Oh yeah, and ALSO I owned, Buicks, Impalas, Fords a 1974 Dodge Monaco police car, Oldsmobile's, such as Toronado, Rivieras and Cutlass, and the only small car I ever have was a Dodge Cricket made in England., it was a present for me LOL.

Anyway, I prefer the CADDY'S.

27th Oct 2010, 12:38

I have owned the 1983 Cadillac Sedan DeVille.

Great interior, smooth ride, classic design... However, the engine had poor compression problems. Nothing Marvel Mystery Oil couldn't solve.

1st Aug 2011, 09:50

I own a 1983 DeVille d'Elegance, and couldn't ask for a better car! Mine has 72,000 actual miles (bought from a friend who bought it new.) The only problem I have had is replacing the alternator at about 15000, and the driver's power seat is stuck in position, for which I can't find parts. A beautiful luxury car indeed!

1st Aug 2011, 14:18

Interesting review, however I challenge your claim that that car weighed in at 3.5 tons, unless it was a limo. The 70's Caddys weighed about 5000 lbs, before your downsized '83 came along.

2nd Aug 2011, 16:08

I agree, the 80's full-sized Cadillacs didn't even weigh 2 tons. Closer to 4,000 pounds.

3rd Aug 2011, 16:04

They didn't weigh 3 tons, but it sure felt like they did with the under-powered HT4100 motor under the hood. Other than that, these full-size rear drive Caddy's were awesome.

3rd Aug 2011, 16:28

Two tons, three tons, whatever, it's a heavy car.

4th Aug 2011, 16:47

Yeah, just a few thousand pounds difference! That is the weight of a compact car.