3rd Jun 2006, 20:29

I just purchased a used 1996 De ville Concourse with about 153,000 miles. When I first purchased this, it wouldn't stay started at the dealership, but when they ran the diagnosis, it came back that the O2 Sensors were bad... they had to replace two of them. On the same note, the service engine light, the ABS light, and the Traction Control lights were on. They told me that they checked it and all was fine. They even reset the lights, but they came back on?? The car sounds and rides perfect, with plenty of power and plenty of braking. About three days later, I sprung a serious fuel leak from under the car... found out the clip on the fuel injector came off, so they had to replace it. I have the vehicle back now, and all is working great... even though the lights are still on. I was also wondering if these vehicles of this year and model are pre-equipped with the key less remote. Mine did not come with a key pad, but would be nice to have. So far only owning this car for a couple of weeks, my mouth is just a tad bit sour. Hopefully the quirks are out and I will have a nice problem free vehicle for at least 12 months, as to when I am wanting to trade in and buy another.

18th Jul 2012, 11:11

1996 Deville with Northstar. Value in perfect condition - $2500. Get the engine hot once = $5000+ to repair.

Transmission has a dozen electrical components inside that will cause smog failure = $2500+ to fix to register.

Electric suspension is great until it fails.

A great car new, but the engineers made sure there won't be any happy second owners. I have been involved with three of these, and they have all been 'given' away for change in perfect physical condition. Stay away, and with most cars made since 1995, do your research. There are more lemons than ever, and as a mechanic, I could list a bunch.

Good luck!