16th Aug 2009, 11:35

I don't think you'll find this car all that expensive to repair. Many General Motors parts are interchangeable between Cadillac and the other brands, and in any case all are pretty cheap and mostly still available made by aftermarket suppliers. And these old cars are very simple, so anyone can work on them. It'll really be cheaper to get this old classic fixed than the awful new cars being sold today.

2nd Apr 2012, 22:20

I have one of these.

Just bought a new fuel pump, $25, shipping included.

Also need a power steering pump; that's a bit more expensive, $45.

Also replaced the alternator for $50.

For the water pump, I went with the high output one for a total of $32. Didn't need it, but while I was busy...

I mean, what do you expect for a car that's almost 40 years old. Things need replacing.

A friend of mine has a new MINI. He had his fuel pump and something else replaced. Could be the water pump, but I forget. Total bill around $2000.

For that price I can buy a whole master engine rebuild kit ($800), front end service kit ($400), alternator, fuel pump, water pump, power steering pump, front brakes, rear brakes, and have enough left for some beer.

28th Dec 2017, 06:17

I am replying to the man who has a 1978 Eldorado and says he loved it, but is getting too old to do his own repairs.

Sir, if you ever want to sell it AND it is a Biarritz, please contact me. I am searching for a particular car.

Cadillac ElDorado Biarritz with white interior and sunroof, between the ages of 1969 and 1981 (before the 4.110 engine) unless it has a Goodwrench replacement engine. Preferably a white car with stainless steel and Landau padded roof... please respond to "motorcycle_rider@yahoo.com".

30th Dec 2017, 11:20

Break it out and use it when you can. Try to find a reasonable garage for routine maintenance... If you are restoring trim and interior on these type of cars however, that’s going to cost you. My dad in retirement hated to mainly pay out a lot for heavy gas consumption, and that was his primary hesitation. But yet he would spend 3k on a top and interior work. It was never a boring ride. You can antique it and get agreed value low cost insurance from places like Hagerty. My state does not require antiqued inspection; just once when you buy them, and even my exempt antiqued tags are free after. They mail a new sticker.

I hate parking my new truck outside, but it still depreciates either inside or outside. It is so cold now that I actually hate using them at all this week. But it’s nice having fun cars when the weather breaks. If you don’t enjoy using it or are hesitant, there’s not much point having it. A newer fun to drive car might be a worthwhile alternative.

27th Jun 2018, 11:22

To the gentleman wanting a Biarritz. My car was a base model, triple gray. Traded it and a 2002 Deville sedan for a new 17 ATS last June. With the dealer incentives, bottom line was quite good. Don't know what happened to the Deville, but the Eldo sat in inventory for a year. Finally sold a few weeks ago; the dealer website advertised it for 7,995 towards the end.

Can't understand why the car didn't sell quicker or for more money. Was in pristine condition, with 40k on the clock. Never sat out or got caught in the rain more than a few times since new.


2nd Aug 2018, 08:07

The '78 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz is by far and without a doubt the most comfortable car I ever owned. Like quicksand... once you are in it, you can't get out, with the only difference, you don't want to get out. Especially here in The Netherlands where gas is about 6,50 USD per gallon, the Cadillac is a real head turner. Mine has an original 29K miles and it turns heads wherever I take it.

Not into the city of Amsterdam though where they hate cars, and besides that you would not even consider doing that if you don't want bullet holes in it. In all honesty, if I may add one comment it is that the material of which they made the beautiful interior is a little flimsy; then again, that counts for all US cars of that era!

My '68 Electra 225 Coupe is far better built, but I love my Eldo and I am taking good care of it so it will last anyway... Always better than all modern laptops on wheels.

Frank A.Paardekooper, Zandvoort, The Netherlands.

2nd Aug 2018, 20:19

Curious what your registration and then tax cost to buy our USA made car. I heard around 5k for starters just to register. The most popular car there is VW; it must be a real topic of conversation seeing any Cadillac there.

2nd Aug 2018, 21:59

It's nice to hear comments like this coming from an enthusiast outside the US.

A lot of the time our neighboring countries like to criticize the quality, handling and design of these beautiful old land barges.

Reading your comment; you know exactly what they are all about.

3rd Aug 2018, 13:00

A lot of fine USA classic cars are shipped daily to appreciative buyers overseas. Also consider the other tremendous costs involving taxes, registration etc of doing so.

4th Aug 2018, 15:30

The real appeal is owning a unique uncommonly seen automobile from elsewhere in the world. Before I would dive in, I would look at fees to bring over, meet federal safety guidelines to get registered, side impact standards meeting even legality on items like headlights, bumpers etc, and the ability to be serviced down the road.