11th Feb 2008, 23:04

This seems to be how Cad work, I have to replace my Ign every 2 to 4 years at the cost of $404.00 plus a $180.00 to $300.00 tow bill. So far it has stranded us 3 times due to this theft system. Besy of luck to you, Sell the car like I did.

31st Dec 2012, 18:47

I just bought a 1989 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz from the original owner. I love it. It's my first Cadillac and I'm not going back. So smooth, and so fast and comfortable.

Recently it was broken into in front of my house in the San Fernando valley. Anti theft has been enabled and the starter disabled. I don't know a lot about Cadillacs and I'm not a rich man. Are there any recommendations on how to get my car running again for under $500 clams? There's a chip in the shaft of the key. All battery tricks haven't worked. And I don't want to replace it, because it will happen again.

My email is kuhlman818@gmail.com. Any advice will help.

Thanks in advance. Y

5th Jun 2015, 19:22

Take out the trunk light bulb. My 89 had a dead battery every day with the truck light bulb in.

6th Jun 2015, 12:13

Or replace the trunk switch.

29th Sep 2015, 13:08

Hello, I have a 1989 Caddy Eldorado, and every time I turn it on, it says the car can't start due to a theft system, then it says to remove the key and wait 3 minutes. I do this and it keeps saying the same thing over and over again. Do you know how I can fix this?

1st Oct 2015, 01:07

Try a new key. The key you're using may have a worn resistor pellet chip. If that doesn't help, you probably need a new ignition lock cylinder.

25th Sep 2017, 00:13

We have a 1984 Cadillac Eldorado. It has the 4.1L 250 cid V8 motor. It has 117,000 miles. It has the same problem. We were hoping for answers for this problem.

25th Sep 2017, 09:14

Also did you just make a brand new spare key at a hardware store, which can actually be made on many cars like Ford but without a chip? It can open the door and even fit the ignition. But don't try starting it that way. That's the first thing I would check. I actually made a couple cheap spare keys for a couple bucks just to be able to open my car door. Just in case I locked my real key with the chip inside the car. But don't ever use that method or non chip key to turn the car over. You will get that exact error code.

Lastly, do you have or did you lose your remote key fobs? Maybe they only need a new fob battery. Use your remote to kill the antitheft system. I have had the same issue by just using the plain cut key only on GM cars like you have experienced. I actually carry both key fobs anymore with me so I can start if one fob battery goes. The only thing doing that idea is to carry in different pants pockets. If too close together, it will play havoc.

My doors on my new cars unlock when I get close to the car. And deactivate the anti theft automatic. I can actually wave my hand over my hood on my other new car and it opens automatically without touching the fob. Nothing like technology, but just don't lose your new remotes.