19th May 2005, 22:05

To the poster who said he drives his '69 Eldorado every day... I don't blame you! I would drive my '69 Fleetwood Brougham every day, but I want to keep the mileage down (it's at almost 91,000 currently).

The '67-'70 Eldos sure had a lot of power. Here are some specs of a '68 Eldo from Road Test magazine, Sept., 1968:

Engine/hp/torque... 472/375/525

Curb weight... 4,680 lbs

Fuel tank capacity. 24 gals.

0-30 mph... 3.0 seconds

0-45 mph... 5.2

0-60 mph... 8.6

0-75 mph... 12.4

1/4 mile... 16.8 seconds @ 84 mph

(Fuel mileage was not listed.)

10th Oct 2005, 14:50

The early front drive Eldorados were wonderful cars. I bought a 75 Coupe with 33,000 miles in 1986. I drove it until it was hit head on (at low speed) in 1993. I almost cried when I saw the damage (totalled).

In 2000, I happened across a 78 Eldorado with 32,000 miles, almost showroom condition. I haven't driven it much in the five years I've owned it. However, it looks and drives like a new car. I feel very fortunate to have owned 2 great cars like this.

My 93 and 02 Devilles, although more powerful and less thirsty, are no match for the old seventies cars.


22nd Oct 2006, 12:33

Remember that a gallon of gas down under has 5 quarts instead of 4. This is why he gets more miles per gallon.


28th Sep 2007, 13:20

I have owned a 1969 Eldorado for about 7 years. I started restoration about 6 years ago, redid the engine, transmission, went over the electrical, new exhaust & the like. Sadly, I ran out of money & had to postpone the restoration for about 5 years now. The car is sitting in my shop, moved only once in 5 years or so. It breaks my heart.

I always said that if I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is finish that car & drive it everyday. I love that car.

When I bought it, it was love at first site. Seven years later, it's still love.


5th Oct 2007, 15:43

Ah, yes...Eldorados! I remember them fondly, having fallen madly in love with a green 1973 hardtop. I still find myself wishing that I'd bought that car, but at the time it was very pricey at over $5000 in 1976 US dollars! I just didn't see how I could make those steep $140 car payments monthly for the following three years!

6th Dec 2012, 16:17

Mr. Aussie, your car must take a backseat to the one featured in the first review.

It has the 500 cu. in. engine making 400 hp.

As for the gas economy, I got about 12 MPG in the city with mine.

It would keep up with a Corvette once rolling, and I amazed more than a few who didn't expect that kind of power.

I owned this and a 1972 Mark IV as well. The Mark had some nice things going for it, but the Eldo won for style and power.