29th Nov 2006, 16:57

Comparing a luxurious and smooth Escalade to the hideously ugly and over priced Land Rover is an insult to Cadillac.

11th Dec 2006, 19:03

I bought my 2003 Escalade USED, upgrading from a Denali. I must definitely say that the Cadillac is a Head turning, comfortable SUV. The air suspension has the truck riding on clouds (W/24inch wheels) and the AWD is really nice in the rain. The only issue I have is the Navi System. The 04 has the nicer BIGGER screen an it makes mine look tiny. However, I came out winning with the 13 inch screen for the DVD system in the back. I am truly pleased every time I use my Escalade.

9th Feb 2007, 11:04

I rented a Cadillac Escalade for the weekend, it was very hard to give it back. I enjoyed the SUV very much, excellent vehicle.

6th Apr 2008, 16:06

I own a 2003 Escalade and for an SUV, it rides really nice. It's not meant to be a van, it's still a truck chassis.

I think the seats are very comfortable and the interior is very good quality.

I love the 345 horsepower also. It has good power. The transmission shifts so smoothly, I can barely tell when it is shifting.

All the doors open and shut perfectly. I like this Cadillac better than the 2005 Tahoe LT I tested and I also liked it more than the 2004 Yukon I test drove.

The Exterior is sharper than any of the other SUV's.

When I test drove the Escalade, I pretty much turned my keys to my Trailblazer over to the dealer for a trade.

I don't think anyone could understand the Escalade experience unless they actually drove it.

8th Jul 2014, 11:26

We had a Range Rover in our family. An enormous maintenance headache. Although I haven't owned this model, I have owned high top GM conversion vans. 350 V8 models with 3/4 ton chassis. Outstanding, and will easily do 200k miles with normal maintenance. My best GM to date is a 2014 Corvette. My best have been 1998 up, each sold with minimal issues. I really like the EXT, but the bed and high sides hold me back. As far as the Range Rover, engine issues and the air suspension failure gave us reason to reconsider.

Good luck.